mardi 16 mars 2021

Amira TOP - That time when we rode to the McDrive

I've decided to do a week of Amira, with our best memories together, as it's official, they are were the last on a sportive and riding prisma. I want to be positive.

For those who haven't followed, here's the story on how everything end for us: and the opportunity to support us a bit, if you want to! Any help is appreciated.

 I will be back to modelhorse soon, don't worry, I just need to proceed my grief.

Who remembers this story? I've already told it there
I've riden my mare to the McDrive once, and it was fabulous to do it, it's kind of a classic thing to do with a horse but totally worth it!

The horse were like "what do we choose?"

The peoples were like "they are horse outside?"

The employees were like "horses?? - they are horses for real??" - true story, one of them came to gave apple to our horses while waiting for our ordering.

Nobody was working in there, they were just staring at us...

It was really fun, I do not regret to have done this, even if I'm not a macdo lover.

Amira was really brave, the best horse ever to do that kind of stupid things!

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