mardi 2 juillet 2019

Parting with a collection!

My friend Sabrina decided to part with all of her collection, as she needs a financial push in her projects.
After selling most of her Breyer & AR collection, we spoke about her vintage toys collection one. So that's why Cléclème & I headed to her home for a week-end to help her with that.

Been a long time since we haven't been reunited together, and I even never wrote about that last time in april 2017

Our last picture together, 2017
We enjoyed a short time, with no horse riding this time -no time for that- but some thrift market and while waiting for some plastic jug promished by one vendor, we headed to the lake, where we usually did a lot of photoshooting back in the days.

It's some of Sabrina's favorite place, as well.

Sabrina's Picture

 And we did, well some pictures with the only modelhorse that goes with us to the trip!

isn't there too much sun?
*throwing rocks yay - our specialities*
 And we updated a group picture!

New last picture together, 2019
Of course, that's sad that Sabrina will probably no more amaze us with her beautiful pictures,

Sabrina's Picture (horse painted by her)
Or paintings...

Sabrina's Picture (horse painted by her)
But it's just a step in a life, isn't it? And I hope the best for her with her real horses now!

It gave us a blast to put in order her toys.
I got back one of my childhood Barbie horse (the brown one on the picture) and got as a gift a lot of accessories and props...

My true childhood barbie horse, with the barbie ridder I got as a child too.
Kind of my early hobby things!!
In a way it was a return to our roots and I'm glad we did it.
Can't wait to see you again girls!

*And for thoses who can be interrested, I might relay the last remaining horses that Sabrina have for sale on my facebook page*

Sabrina's Picture (horse painted by her)

lundi 1 juillet 2019

Wintery Glen

Wintery Glen
Artist Resin Custom (initial painjob by Marie Coherier & snowflake appaloosa pattern added on by Cold Ruru) on "Athena". Painted in 2018-2019 and sculpted by Tammy Myrold.
Colour: Silver Bay, Snowflake Pattern // Breed: Karabair
Gender: Mare.