samedi 2 janvier 2021

Winter Fun Photoshow - updated with awards

 When this show was released, I was thinking that if we got snow this year, I will try to enter.
Then I didn't had time and energy before Christmas, even if we got ton of snow. I am currently dealing with difficult times and I didn't even go outside.

But when snow showed back after Christmas, I felt like I had to enter, once for good.


"Staying there for a while" 

Hats & Earmuffs

"When you care better to your horse than yourself"

Winter Sport & Games

"If doing snowmans are a human game... undo them is a horse one ;)"


 "Waiting for the snow to melt..."

Masters of Survival


Appaloosa are well know as camouflage masters - probably to survive in nature, leopard and heavily spotted ones easily melts into the snowy woods.


Stay at Home & Photoshop

"Aurora Borealis"

Capturing real northern light is a dream of mine, but for now, let's photoshop them!

  Fire & Ice

  "Fire in the sky"


"Ponies doesn't need to be wrapped (and they let you know)"

December Celebrations

"Santon village"

In Provence (France), the nativity figures are a huge tradition. Handmade with clay and sometimes handpainted, they are called Santon.
In my own village, every year there is a "trail of the nativity scene and figures", where you can find Santon and their villages in every corners or roads, they came in all sizes, and some are really bigs.
Saddly they didn't shown this year, so I cannot go and take you references pictures, but I did a similar thing at home for this entry.

 "Mirror, mirror... who's the most handsome?"


Vintage Winter Postcard

"Keeps your Champ's cool! -it's better served cold-"

Inspired by vintage advertising & old postcards 

Major Meltdown

"Late spring in the mountains"

Winter Theme Photostory