jeudi 29 mars 2018

Castle Tour & Mule (living the chatelain dream)

It's been a while since the last time I saw one of my hobby friend. This time, we finally managed to see us once more.
For Clémentine's birthday, I get to her near Paris. She moved house a lot those past years, just as me. So we never met in the same place... and I never get to her actual.

Since the last time, a lot of things changed. As, she's now living in a Castle (believe it or not), must exactly in the old stabble's castle, that are now appartements.

Clémentine's picture
The other and most important change, is that she finally gets her horse. Who's a mule, in fact. Congratz Clémentine!

As it's really near Paris (for her work), on the first day of our trip, we headed to Versailles. Yes of course. Bad luck for us, we had to go on a saturday because of the weather, so it was CROWDED. I felt like it was the end of the world when I saw ALL those people. Because you know, we intended to get a Modelhorse shooting there!
Of course, we managed to do it and the weather was so good we even ate front of water in the castle garden.

In fact, our main enemy despite the people, was an ugly scaffolding on one of the main wing.

And the most interresting was horse spotting... well, not real ones saddly.

It inclued a tour to see the wonderful royal carriage... oh dear... I already spoke about historic horses around Versailles, but let's enjoy those too...

Adam François Van der Meulen (painter)

 I bough some books about these, so I didn't take a lot of pictures myself, sorry.

Next day was all about Clémentine's mule, she's called Brune and I did pictures of them both, profitting from the sun who was back again!

Mule can do anything!
Also, I did some modelhorse pictures around the castle, because I feeled like you cannot stay in such a place and do not take any pictures of it!

The day after was split between riding... for both of us...

Our traditional "liberty" pictures, because ours beasts are beautiful!

A few more portraits later...

And Brune was back to her favorite activity...

So we  get back to our program and did a tourist tour of Sens, the city next to the castle and shopping (Clémentine needed a new camera). I forget to take pictures without horses, so here's one taken by Clémentine last autumn...

That thing in the middle is a horse :')
Well, we also managed to found "interresting" things while shopping, this one make us laugh a lot... (such a pity in the same time):
This is bondage for kids!
On the last day, we had rain, less rain and rain again, so it was mostly a movie day. But also, I had to try a picture in the back of the castle, so we kind of throw together some false ground (as the normal one was too wild for little horses)... it was the first time I tried this kind of cheat. I do prefer not to do this again in the end ahaha.

That's all. It was quick, but always a delight to play with a good friend! See yah next time!