mercredi 17 mars 2021

Amira TOP - We did a shooting!

I've decided to do a week of Amira, with our best memories together, as it's official, they are were the last on a sportive and riding prisma. I want to be positive.

For those who haven't followed, here's the story on how everything end for us: and the opportunity to support us a bit, if you want to! Any help is appreciated.

 I will be back to modelhorse soon, don't worry, I just need to proceed my grief.

I became friend with a hatter, Lizzart wich was looking for original pictures of their hats. She was really interrested for a horse shooting and it became a reality.
That day was really a good one, and showed perfectly the new bond I acquired with my mare. Those pictures really show complicity.
For this blog post, I will show you the hats I would have loved to buy - The whole shooting can be seen there.

"On the Road" - Leather Hat

"Venezia" - Fabric Hat

"Farandole" - Velvet Hat

"Valkyrie Lune" - Wool Hat

"Passage" - Velvet Hat

"Frisson d'Aile" - Felt Hat

Thanks you Lizzart, thoses where precious moments. Also, known that I actually do own two hats she made, I really need do them that kind of pictures!

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