vendredi 31 mai 2019

Monthly Mare - April/May - Grounded

There's one thing I always wanted for my mare, it's a life in the fields.

And I'm seriously against any form of small boxes, a horse isn't meant to be kept in such tiny places.
Saddly for me, the mare hurted herself in april and I had to put her in a box for a month.

We both feeled like punished.

Even if I did my best, and that took me almost all of my time last month, it wasn't great to deal with. The mare was electric every time she goes out the box and was really difficult to handle.

I feeled overwhelmed.
Even if the boxes are large and with a view on the outside on my barn (it's a good place), she looked like a prisoner, all horses in boxes everywhere looks sad to me.

Now she's back to the grass, and way more happy with her horses pals. And I feel relieved.

A horse's life is outside.

Then sorry for the silence, I had plan to wrote about our ridden work after our foot work, but maybe I'll have more time next month.

vendredi 17 mai 2019

Castle Back!

So if you remember well, last year, my friend Cléclème and I got to Versaille for a "castle shooting" and it was a lot of fun!
So we decided to do it again, but this time we choose another castle of course!

Going there for one week, we planned a lot of activities and it started with a lot of rain, ruining our wishes to do fleamarkets all week end, but we managed to found some sunshine to do both thrifting and horse/mule back riding. I got a Franche Montagne gelding called Hermès.

On monday we headed on Vaux-le-Vicomte Castle, well for science... this kind of activities...

Yep that's our definition of "elegance". We got early at the Castle so we got ALL day to play and it was worth it!
For the Castle itself to it's garden, we toured everything...

Spotting horses...

Enjoying the Carriages, this time again!

Mule Chair
Impressive stage setting!
More tack!!
Picturing every "horses" shaped shaped things we can see...

And the horses we bring ourselves as well!

You can fear the fabulous "story shoot" we did there... really :)
Next day we got back to the barn.
I did a few pictures of Cléclème and her Mule,

But that day was mostly about foals pictures. As the newborns were outside, So let's go, paparazzi ourselves! Of course, to me it sounded like a clone attack, but well... here's all three of them!

 It was also time for a good foal scratch... not easy to get close at first, but... with patience...

 A victory for me! Less easy for Cléclème with the filly...

But a victory with the 3rd foal as well! (not the same as mine)

And I couldn't resist to snagg a picture of Hiramis, shining near us... too white pony is too white!

Of course, I wasn't done with modelhorse pictures and did another shooting at Cléclème's castle (where she lives). So be ready for some spamm!!

And the next raining day was another epic story as well... the weather should never have stucked us inside... never. Or maybe it was for the best?

So we did...
Lined some horses for no reasons...

Somethin' ... you're going to enjoy each month on facebook!

The best calendar ever!?
A dream of every girl, don't lie and don't thanks us, it's our pleasure!!

I ended my trip with some "real mule" at the castle pictures... so I share some with you!

And it was time to say goodbye, so sad that good times goes in a lickety split!

See you next time!!