vendredi 15 avril 2016

TBT: Summer Wanders

As a recap', I speaked a lot to you about the fact I lived in Brussels, Belgium, my hometown (where I was born & raised) and my french hobby friends, the first time we met then the second time...
We arrived at the first "new age" for me as I left Brussel around 2014 for... well you know, some place in France called Ariège.

Ariège, it's the Pyrenee.
My first stop was about visiting my future new home, I will share with my best friend, Jaf
It was 'of course' an excuse to test the breyer shooting potential of the place 0:)
By the time, I was wondering where to shoot my plastic horses, when... this happened.

But the real fact, it was -I swear- my first hiking in the Pyrennee. My camera wasn't that good, but he was in fact real close. 
(For the little story, when I was a child, my father used to pay for the reintroducing of the bears in the Pyrenees with my family allowances. It drives my mother mad, but it pays... at last. This bear is sort of my half brother you know.)

The rest of the trip was much common, filled with...
ice cream
local cows
and mountains
 Then it was time to go back to Brussels and prepare myself to leave... first moving home that far!

I had, three important things to move in prior, my horse (of course) that goes directly to Ariège with Jaf for the summer and the year to come.
Sweetie that said goodbye to the Belgian ground
the VAN in my street before picking the horses!
Darjeeling & Lady Gray
My cats, that we moved to my mother's house, 1000km+ in the french Alps for the summer.
We stopped our trip in the Jura, for the cats to have a break at...
Clémentine's location (that time)
 And no, the rain didn't stop us to do what we had to do... of course you know it...
This kind of sport!
It was wet and quick, also filled with amazing hamburgers and a bowling match. But all great things end and it was time to move on!

So, once the horse well arrived in the Pyrenneans fields...
And the cats left in the Alps...

My wander continued. I had nothing to do anywhere, so I began a french trip, visiting my friends...
Starting in Brittany to visit my dear friend Sophie, nicknamed Riri (as I'm Ruru).
Riri is one of my way before modelhorse hobby internet friend, years ago we used to met around 3/4 times a years (rotating one time in Lille, one time in Brussels, one time in Rennes and one time in Paris) with our geek team...
We started collect licenced game or comics/manga characters figures together, it was the "great times".
If I remember well, this picture was taken around 2008
(Paris, Lille, Brussels, Rennes)
and this one is current of my 2014 trip!
We did a LOT of great things, like visiting an expo about carriages,

Filled with mini size carriages,

traditionnal size carriages (I wanted those so bad),

Real carriages and horses...

A really great expo!
But it was not the most exciting about this trip, oh no... we left Rennes for Nantes, a couple of days, and do you know who lives in Nantes?
Some of my hobby friends of course!!
And that's how I met Aurélia (Alizarine) and Mélanie (Orcanie's Stables)
Aurélia (Alizarine) is one of the most particular hobbyist in our French community, she's interrested in taxidermy and osteology and she knows everything about the little plastic horsies.
Mélanie (Orcanie's Stables) host one of the largest and ambitious collection in our French community. She's well know as a pioneer and she's the one who makes me discover the whole thing!

We did a lot of things together, including...
visiting botanic gardens
toast with a cappuccino and a cocktail
visiting a Samouraï themed expo
We all find something we liked for a long time at this expo, I was so happy to saw this screen (featured here) in real, this was something I didn't expected at all.

Then we ate together at the Duc's of Britanny castle...

 And I stole this beautiful carriage set at Mélanie's house :)
Just kidding.
Then we go back to Rennes, but I'm really, really happy to have seen you girls.

So after such a lot of adventures, it was time for me to go back "home" in Ariège, where a lot of things happened as you must imagine...

mardi 12 avril 2016

Specialty Tack: Victorian Sidesaddle Tack

Sidesaddle Tack, Saddle (&Rosette) made by Juliette Pinon, Briddle made by the Painted Daisy Studio. Model: Ursus Major, Star of Orion custom by Agnès Fichelle. Other: Schleich dalmation & unknow cat.

lundi 11 avril 2016

Easter Eggs

Easter is now over (have plenty of chocolate left to eat), but...
I still...
 Found easter eggs hidden in my room almost everywhere...

So, most important fact, I got boxes, boxes and boxes that came up like these easter eggs! The first box, come from Pomponette, and I imagine you don't know her... so...
She arrived more than a year ago on our french forum, and started to show us her home made tack... and god, the work was so good and she improve so fast...

She already archieved a Braymere approval!
And as it is said in the comments, she's only 14years old (and it's as true as I met her, but it's gonna be another story).

So, come back to our sheeps, Pomponette sent me a beautiful sidesaddle, nothing to say more than 'be prepared' as it's her FIRST sidesaddle ever and I'm so proud to have it!
During process, I was simply amazed by the pictures that came into the mail...
But I was even more amazed to discover it for real!
All those neat details. Gosh.
And the real treat is that the saddle allow my (only) doll to sit properly... good job Pomponette, that's a real challenge to succeed such a good saddle!!

But it was not the only thing I got, there was also a presentation briddle and a great collar, but I didn't have the chance to shoot their (I miss the right horse for those)...
This briddle have nothing to be jealous of the saddle, believe me...
So much perfection!
And at last, I also received another box, this time from Agnès. You may have hear of her, as I already got few horses painted by her talented hands... I got back one of my graal resin, Star of Orion!
And as there's no words to describe it, I let you see...

For now, I've got great stuffs to play with, for sure! Thanks to you girls!

If you're interrested in Pomponette's contact, dont be shy and ask me,
she probably will be glad to take your order in consideration ;)