mardi 30 mai 2023


Oh yes, I'm late to post this...

One of the thing that obsess me with modelhorse, is to found horses that are a perfect match. Not just horses that looks good together, but models that just belong together. Create their own interraction, scenery...
And that's why april's thema was Duo!

I really feel like I should do more shooting like thoses!

-ROAD TO ITALIA (2016) - Col de Larche, France.

-WHITE CHALK (2016) - views on the Mt Blanc, France. 

 -HALLELUJAH MOUNTAINS (2017) - Céüse/Devoluy, France.

-MIDNIGHT RIDE (2019) - Selonnet, France.

 -GHOSTEENS (2020) - Dourbes, France.  

And you, wich of your horses are an evidence together?

Wich one do you like best? Would you like to see more Duo?
Will do another recap on another thema soon for sure!

mercredi 24 mai 2023

Goodbye Excalibur

It is with a heavy heart that I've decided to part with Excalibur.

He's a good pony, but not the one for me.
I love him, and I've tryied for 2 years to accomodate but it just didn't click on saddle. He's probably a little too small for me, and I'm probably not the rider for him.
I hope the best for both of us in the future with this difficult decision.

dimanche 21 mai 2023

Plans for a picture @t la Grand Place, Bruxelles

If you are familiar with this blog, you know that I'm not French (even if I live in France) but Belgian...
My hometown is Bruxelles (Brussels), and it's the most beautiful city in my eyes.

If you are familiar with this blog, you should have seen plenty of pictures showing Bruxelles and Belgium... especially the parks because they were my first playground.

But there's somethin' I really wanted to take in picture, it's the Grand Place!
In fact, I've already taken modelhorse pictures there, a difficult exercice as it's always crowded.

To avoid the crowd, I've already determined, years ago, that I needed to get up really early and take my chance when everyone is asleep.
To have somethin' realistic, I also already planned I needed a cart and a horse, to show a touristic carriage (or an historic carriage) in the city.

Years passed, the plan was still in my mind. But this year, I was finally able to concretise!



This simple picture, is a labor of love.
Me, someone who's absolutely NOT a morning person got there at 6am:


The idea of empty carriage found a place though my mind, years ago, while visiting Bruges.
I saw the carriage horses there, all alone by themselves, waiting for their day to start on a place... it was also early in the morning.

So I knew it was the perfect reference for me, who always struggle with dolls & such.
Then years after years, I searched for a carriage, a harness & a horse, without much success, until my friend Mégann sold me her set.
And it was it, I got all the ingredients for thoses pictures to happend! The fact that set is more 1:12 scale helped me transport the whole thing too.


If you looks closely the linked posts about Bruxelles, you'll see that we usually found the real carriages near that horse statue... so I took this view too...

jeudi 18 mai 2023

From all the things I need to write...

From ALL the things I need to write on this blog, there's the meeting I got in 2022 with Mégann!

I met Mégann on our french breyer forum, but in fact she lives in Canada (how far from me? very much!). From the first time we started to talk to the years that followed, it became very clear that we were friends. More than just "internet" friends.
We got the delight to be able to see each other once, a few years ago. And it happened again in september 2022.

I was soooo excited, because you know, when a friend is coming from that far, that's rare and even more precious than any other meeting!
This time, she wanted to see more of our mountains... so that's what we did!

She also discovered my pony in real...

We did a trail on horseback together, it was great, just a bit sad that this time Amira couldn't come with us. (Yes, Mégann is a huge fan of Amira).

 The best way to discover our mountains!

Even if the weather can be capricious :')

It didn't even stopped us to do more pictures...

We got the best picture ever with Amira! That's not a gloomy weather that will stop us...
Next day, I showed her some things a little more farer... hopefully it was sunny (all landscape pictures were taken by Mégann)

She discovered roads...

The Serre-Ponçon lake...

Embrun's Rainbow Lane...

The hot water sources, 

A place that I've photographied SO MANY time, without even try this...

Now it's done. Mégann had to encourage me but it's done.

And we finished at Mt Dauphin, to enjoy the fantastic view.

They are many beautiful places, but this one always do the job!

Also, I showed her some of our geological curiosities...

And it was already the end of our fantastic trip...

Mégann also, didn't came with empty hand, as she saddly stopped collecting, I asked her if I could buy a very special set she's got...


Because I have plan for a carriage set for years, but this will be another story!
I am now the lucky owner of this mare and her cart, and I hope I could gave them the pictures and attention they need.

I'm really glad about thoses few days we got together and I look forward to more, wich is planned!!

And I cannot wait...


Artist Resin Custom (paintjob by Lisa Shepard) on "Sadie Shoofly". Sculpted by Lynn Fraley. 
Colour: Bay, Varnish Roan Pattern // Breed: Unknow.
Gender: Mare.