lundi 25 janvier 2016

Secret Santa, from the beginning!

My first year of modelhorse ended with a tradition that some of you know, a Secret Santa!
It was the first edition on our little French forum "Un Monde de Breyers", and also a great success... I didn't know the peoples really well, as I was the "new girl" this year, but...

2012 Secret Santa packaging
I did received quite exciting boxes from the founder of the forum, Sabrina! I was so honored because she, in person, was the one choosen to gift me... and also because we didn't know each other so well, as she's an adorable but distant in first, person.

My surprise was complete and perfect when I opened the boxes, as it was many christmas I didn't have any surprises. You know that, you grow old, ask things and then know what you're gonna have.
But the Secret Santa, it does include modelhorse (the thing anybody else in the family will ever gift you) and complete surprise!

"Cobrah de Brume"
"Vulkan de Brume"
"Hera and Sinaï" de Brume
And the real bonus thing: they were customs, Sabrina who never has painted anything before was so embarrased to have to deal with the "appaloosa crazy girl" that she decided to try... and what a talent she discovers to herself! Did you imagine, she now have a studio and it all started for her with theses very specials little spotted horsies!

On my second year in the hobby, the Secret Santa was on the starting block again, everyone was so excited as the first edition was a real success. And I more than the last year because this time I knew the peoples better, and I loved them much and the idea to share this special event with them... and god...

The Secret Santa started with a joke...
2013 Secret Santa packaging
Also, with Sabrina, we became friends for real, and really we are super duper friend... our respective secret santa (that came from other peoples) was opened by webcam, and it was a real plus on the fun!
Sabrina wondering what in her package, while I was watching in awe, lol.
My Santa was Jade this time, the well knew "carambar joke and exploding camembert" girl of the forum.
So she sent me carambars, for real...
And THIS stunning horse...
"Northern Galaxy"
I did block on the name of the painter "JM" when I did realise it was Jade! Oh yes, second santa that surrender and decided to paint the horse herself, because of the so evil girl that only speak of appaloosa coated horses ;)

And she picked this horse...
When I would have chosen this one...
for a Flash model. The real amazing no? I didn't believe she reads in my mind like that. It was perfect.

And then came the third year of collecting lil' plastic horsies, and a third Secret Santa to watch in awe what you would imagine to had...
And this year was even more special, as this time no webcam but...

IRL Santa's night!
I came to Sabrina's house, and Clémentine did come with us (she's the second admin of the forum). Did you see how my relationship evolved? (Because I will blog on this soon lol).

So this year...
Clémentine has a Secret Santa from Van de Broy,
and this very special gift from Me and Sabrina!
Sabrina has a Secret Santa I did ;)
2014 Secret Santa packaging
My Santa was Mélanie this time, and she did decided to do some tack for me, and also...
"Drag Queen" (I choose the name)
She etched herself the horse, in fact, once again the appaloosa-minded myself forced people to be creative. For the fact, she also sent me a crown...

"Queen of the Appaloosa Crown"
(With an extra from Sabrina)
So now, you could speak to me "Majesty" and you know why my spotted horses are important to me as subject lol.

And what about the fourth year? Eheh...
It's gonna be the next post!
 Stay Tunned!

mercredi 20 janvier 2016


I was speaking of it in my latest blog note, so a little extra.
As some of you may know, I'm a comics illustrator, if I'm still working on, I've got characters and my favorites so far are Cendre & Poltergeist.

"Secret Garden", done in 2015

Bonus, WIP:

from final!

If you want to see more drawings ;)

lundi 18 janvier 2016

Drag Queen

Drag Queen
Breyer Custom (etching by Mélanie Touchard) on the mold "Secretariat". Etched in 2014 and sculpted by Susan Carlton Sifton.
Colour: Chestnut, Blanket Pattern // Breed: Appaloosa Race Horse
Gender: Stallion.
Secret Santa Gift from Mélanie (2014)

vendredi 15 janvier 2016

TBT : Model Horse Debuts

Some of you may know that's not my first blog about ModelHorse, I opened this one because I needed a new, fresh start with blogging. So, I decided not to throw away all memories, and to do some 'trow back' relating the best moments I used to life. And I hope you will love this too.

First Episode: How I created our Studio.

So starting with the debts. I discover the ModelHorse hobby four years ago in 2012, so I'm kind of very green as I've got the impression I'm in since always...
My first (and I was lying saying it would be my last) model was a Breyer Flabbehopen that I fell in love with searching "breyer" in google. And oh god, how excited I was when I got her!

Nobody's Baby Now
After it was a classic start with less expensive Breyer OF, but as any collection that become to be serious, I thinked more and more about Artist Resins.
By the way, custom was so attractive so with my roomate we decided to dare, our first try was a real new challenge...
The goal was to give life to one of my character...

Starting by prepping...

Planning, drawing & cutting patterns...
Being creative to keep white areas white... lol
And of course, starting oil paints!

The proud Artists!
Then we added the "bonus" details,

And the result:
Cendre, 2012.
Cream of the cream in my starting shelves!
And as we has no limits after a few customs, it was time for the REAL challenge!

Oh yes we did!
Another ones of my characters were planned as well! 
Starting with sculpting...
And adding a ridder...
Oh, this was full of mistakes, but...

I still so darn love this sculpture, and the experience that goes with!
I still so darn love what potential we discover in ourselves during this first year of ModelHorse.

After, customs become a game field, and we started to open books, it was slow but we finally created Hauntedwood Corp. Studio! And today, we have a few horses at the international that runs the liveshow and also... that wins! That's the best reward ever.

After that, I followed my impulsion to bought an Artist Resin, and growth the quality of my collection. Until today. But in the long road, customs were just a start, so next week I will speak of real people that Hobby brings in my life.

And about "the drastic" we completed the piece in 2014, for the fact, I did show the naked piece in Braymere's Custom Saddery Winter Challenge last year...
And then, there's the final pictures:
Cendre & Poltergeist, 2012-2014.