vendredi 22 septembre 2023

Where is the edge? - the preview tour

Like last year, my september month came with a visit from my Canadian friend, Mégann.


It was punctuated with Amira departure from the stable we've been for a few years, to a new place.

But... mostly it was about exploring the surroundings... and then... take pictures because I've got so many I need to share and I cannot help to do some more :)
Here's a few stories about this trip photography session!

A misadventure (that doesn't involve modelhorses) at "les Clue de Barles" -place pictured with me bragging with my beachtowel- learned me it wasn't the best place to do pictures... too much flow. But I still wanted Daylight in such a rocky river.

Second place, "le pré de Mme Carle" -pictured with me risking my life over a stream for a photo- was perfect. I'm really glad I managed to get this picture ;)

This place is really incredible, it's not the first time I go but still...

How to resist?

"Le pré de Mme Carle" is in the heart of the Ecrin National Park.

The place got it's name from a local story about Mrs Carle that incured some jealousy and especially from her husband. He decided to thirst her mule for a few days (yes the story mention a mule, not a horse). Then when Mrs Carle got with her husband, riding, the poor thisty mule pounced in the stream and Mrs Carles dismounted and drown into it.

Sorry for the mule, that sculpt depict a horse but well... you can get into it and that's pretty cool.

I really need to come back with a mule now that I know the story behind the name of the place ;)

Talked about a stream? Showed you that stream? here's an additional cascade (at the same place)!

Hopefully, nobody drown, despite the fact that we encounted water SO MANY times.

-Serre-Ponçon Lake (if you follow this blog a bit, you start to know this lake, it's the biggest artificial lake of France)

 -Gorges du Verdon
Actually I did a past shooting in thoses two places. This time we didn't go with tiny horses.

Aaand you can add to the list, the famous Hot Water Sources... my absolute favorite shooting wonderland! I just cannot go there without a figure...

Also showed to Mégann one of my favorite mountain spot, the Devoluy. It wasn't a great shooting day, wadn't in the mood... but I enjoyed to get back there.


How not to love thoses dry mountains?

So now, it's up to me to show you the complete set of pictures... hopefully before I die?
Right now, I'm too busy taking care of the big beast... and working... wish me luck!

All pictures of me & without modelhorse landscape done by @chez.chunille on our 2023 tour.