jeudi 21 avril 2022

Out in the Blue

It came to my attention that this horse is made for blue, so here he is in several blue shades...

Wich blue do you like best?

lundi 18 avril 2022

Happy Easter! + the anatomy of a picture

I LOVE chocolate figure and always feel like I need to do pictures with them before eating it.
So here's a chocolate jump (wich is an idea I got for ages now)!

And this picture wasn't an easy one, that's why I propose to you to talk about the "anatomy of a picture".

First of all, the last days were really HOT and chocolate melt, so I had to choose an hour of the day with less sunlight just to be sure.
Then I prepared my scenery, picking the right chocolate figure for the jump, and once ready, here I am rolling in the grass again...

 It smelled chocolate like crazy by the way.

Sunlight was still too much to my taste. I know most photographers loves best to have sun, but I prefers pictures with less to no sun. So while waiting for the sun to goes down, I played a bit with flash.

I don't like flash pictures, it create an artificial light and reflection on the subject that I just hate.
But I tryied. It was kind of okay, it have advantages, but that's definely not a fit to my taste.

Yes this picture is darker, but I loves it way, way better!

Then once the first point of view I wanted was secured, I tryed different ones, because you never know if there's any better!

Loves this angle...

Not to mention this one...

Playing with flash in fact, makes me discover how to do this... and I admit I kinda like that night shot effect. I like it way better than a normal flash feature and might re-use it for photoshow performance!

Yep thoses pictures were done in daylight - No there's no photoshop behind it! How cool?

So here's two advices that I apply at any pictures: do several pictures, try things... you never know what can be discovered!

Wich one is your favorite? And happy easter!

mercredi 13 avril 2022

Do you like racehorses?

Today let's do an unusual subject on my blog, let's talk racehorses!

My friend Sabrina, that I met though the hobby years ago, who became one of my very best friend, that pushed me on horseback then that I've supported in her conversion into the real horse world and that parted with her collection to gives her project a financial push.. is now owning a small, modest barn, were she mostly reforms racehorses.

Silvat'Equus gives a second chance to theses horses, who once their racehorse career finished, usually ends at the slaughterhouse (yes in Fance horses can be slaughtered legaly) if no one is ready to buy them for a reformed new life.

Silvat'Equus is a special place, because it also gives that second chance to horses that have less chances to be choosen: older broodmares, horses that need more dressage due to traumatisms, horses that need specific cares (like surgery) before they can be ridden again, horses that would be placed for company only.
But of course, Sabrina also need to earn her life so she have to also choose young and attractive horses to be reformed as they sell better. And that limit the number of thoses specific needs horses that she can bought.

And that's why I got the idea of making somethin' to help.... cards because I like cards, you like them... one part of the money earned from the sale of the "racehorse" cards will be given to Silvat'Equus and used to help finance one surgery or the bought of a horse with less chance to be chosen.

So buy one or several cards contribute to save a racehorse that have less chances to be reformed. How great is this?
(And of course Sabrina will post about the projects funded by the sale of thoses cards)

Here's how everyone will be retributed:

My drawings features the 3 racehorses breeds that can be found in France: French Trotter (2 cards), Thoroughbred & AQPS (other type than thourougbred).


One card is at 9$ + postages fees
4 cards are at 36$ + postages fees

Each card come with an enveloppe!!

You can found thoses cards on my ONLINE SHOP
or order via a mail at with
-model(s) of cards wanted + numbers for each
-your country for a shipping quote!
Thank you!!
TF n°1

TF n°2

PS (Thouroughbred)



My friend Sabrina always had a soft spot for french trotters. They are the most neglect horses in the reform community, suffering a bad reputation of beeing less good horses for sport (wich is false)... and they usually end as horses in french riding school if reformed. And that's where Sabrina met their fist ones and falled in love with them.

When she was able to buy her very own horse, she bought... a french trotter... Quirian de Celland.
Quirian was actually a really good racehorse, he was a winner. But he got hurt, and started to be less good. He ended in a small racehorse farm then was retired at age 9 for a new life... with Sabrina!

(First horse in the picture)

Ever since, and even if it wasn't easy, Sabrina have done everything you can imagine with him. Dressage, jumping, ground work, equifeel, swimming, sulky driving, trails, trec, historic re-enactement and filming, canter in the beach...
There's nothing he can't do.

Quirian is his life partner, and gave her the knowledge and taste to educate and reform racehorses!
She has proven than even a french trotter can perform levade, pirouette and piaffe!

And now she allows more horses like Quirian to have a new life! And even if she takes all breef or racehorse, she really wants french trotters to be more loved and recognized too.

Also I'd like to thank her back for her support with my own problem, when Amira got hurt. She was with me all along and really helped me fight and makes decisions.

So if you love horses, racehorses and my cards, why not contribute?