dimanche 8 juillet 2018

Beautiful Ultimate Bag

Well you remember my mother did me some pony pouches?
This time, she makes me a bag! :)

I'm often asked on "how I did pack my horses to take them everywhere" and it's really simple: in a bubble wrap pouch (for the most fragile) in a pony pouch in a grocery bag. Because those bags, in recycled plastic are the best as your horses will be stored 'side by side' and not 'one above the other' like in a backpack! But the problem for hiking with is that you have to handle them by hand.

So I asked for a grocery bag copy WITH a strap.
And then, the magic...

Yep I confirm it's the perfect breyer bag, with my seal of approval!

Of course, you need to handle the bag carefully.
So let's repeat:
-(Fragile) ponies (in Bubble wrap) in a pony pouch,
-Stored side by side in the ultimate bag
Ready to travel everywhere with you!

(should be better without the cat of course)
The bag is huge enough to allow you to store your camera and many other things in it too!
So, thanks ton to the gifted with couture mother.
How awesome is this bag?