dimanche 28 août 2022


This week, on instagram I did a few days of intense posting around Castles pictures!
Just because castles are one of my favorites spots, as I love history, art and architecture... so much!! It's always a delight to discover a new castle and capture it's essence though my pictures.

Do you like that theme? Here's a recap of all my castles shootings along the years...

Here's a recap of all my castles shooting thoses past years

-THE KING'S FALL (2018) - Versailles (France)

-GATES OF SENS (2018) - Passy/Sens (France)

-GARDEN WALK - Horses at Stud Farm (2019) - Vaux-le-Vicomte (France)

-AISLING - Castle Life (2019) - Vaux-le-Vicomte (France)

-Bonus: the Chase (A lame photostory, 2019) - Vaux-le-Vicomte (France)

-BRING ME FLOWERS (2019) - Passy (France)

-FROSTY FROSTING (2021) - Passy (France)

-CASTLE IF... (2022) - Vizille (France)

Wich one do you like best? Would you like to see more castles?
Will do another recap on another thema next month for sure!

vendredi 19 août 2022

Castle if...

On the way back home after the liveshow, we stopped to Vizille's castle, that was on our way.
Not an easy shooting because...

If there's too much light, because yes - I couldn't say it enough but middle of the afternoon and bright sunlight aren't a good time to do pictures - you'll get that type of hard lights.

If there's too many birds, you'll end up with some unexpected photobombs...

Not even of the coolest birds...

Maybe because my stand at the live show was full of birds and I didn't even thinks of bringing one with me at the castle :')

I can handle birds, and peoples walking in the background in any case.

And even have the right horse at the right place and do pictures I'm actually happy with ;)

mercredi 10 août 2022

Spotlight on some of my hobby friends!

As I said in my own recap of the live show, I came with 3 friends. We do not live in the same part of France, but we booked an hotel room together and it was planned that they came at my home after the show.

There was...

The youngest of us, with her small but competitive herd.

 That we could spot all day long competing...

Yep she bought that idocus during the show, congratz to her! (and yes you can see my stand right behind hers)

But the real star was her criollo resin...

Wich is in fact painted by the second of my friend I have to introduce to you...


She's an active painter and even have done a few medallions. Her work is sooo stunning, she deserve to be seen more! You can find everything you want about that on this link!

She was selling and showing her exquisite own paintjob all along the day... as well as judging some class.

 The medallion class was ruled by both Manghorse and Kelly...

And the last of us, that you know already if you've read this blog... (because she's an old friend of mine, that I already met in real several times now)


The oldest wich is also one of the very first to have started the modelhorse hobby in France!

She was all there for the "depiction" class...

And even her entries were promoting our Shirtless Torso Calendar project (wich the 3rd run is on facebook every month this year)

(All pictures that's doesn't belong to me or my friend were found on the LS drive and mostly taken by @Loustic_et_Lucie)

I do believe we all had a good day! A great start for what was coming next... breyer shootings and pony riding! And here's a preview...

mardi 9 août 2022

More pictures from the liveshow!

I've explained in my first blog post how I didn't had the time to do that much pictures at the liveshow, so here's some I've found.

Here's the color class, where you can see all my horses are on the same table :')

And a glimpse of the competition...

Here's the tack class, where my horses really had a spotlight! I've not found them around the other competitor but only by themselves.

& Some more pictures...

All thoses pictures were found on the LS drive, I do believe them came mostly from @Loustic_et_Lucie

Instagram snaps by @a.lot.of.models