mardi 25 septembre 2018

Breeds of the World, A Photo Contest!

For the end of the year, we are launching a Photo Contest!
It will be organized and juged by Cléclème (A Grass Story) & Cold Ruru (And Dream of Spots)

Breeds of the World 
Show us & explain us your favorite one!

To participate:
-Pick a breed - your favorite or one you really like!
-Took 3 referenced photos! (one per thema with your picked breed)
-Caption them!

First Picture/Thema:
Your favorite breed at it's best conformation.
>> Your model should meet the breed standard and to be shown by itself (no tack, except eventually: showing bridle/halter and/or traditionnal mane trim/jewell, etc.) with a good angle (i.e no front or back, prefers profile or three quarters views). You can have a leader or not as well.

Picture by Cléclème
"The most usual color for the Breton Draft is chestnut with white marks/socks"
Reference Picture (Breton Stallion)
Second Picture/Thema:
A Blast to the past.
>>Your breed shown it's most historicly accurate use. It can be a daily picture or the horse showing/working at an event.

Picture by Cléclème
"The Boulonais was a breed comonly used for the shrimp catch in France"
Reference Picture (1rst showing a re-enactement, 2nd statues of shrimps catchers)
Third Picture/Thema: 
The breed today...
>>What's the actual discipline of this breed? Show us a good working horse!

"the Knabstrupper is versatile and is a good sport and leisure horse, it can go easily on harness"

Reference Picture (Spotted horse on competition!)
Thoses sample are just SAMPLE, they show you some diversity, but remember the three pictures must feature the one & only breed you choose

Extra rules & help:
  • One or more horses by pictures >> you can use the same model or different ones on the same breed
  • Donkey, ponies and mule are welcome!
  • You can use the "toy" brand you want (but please be coherent with scale and horses type)
  • With or without doll, indoor and/or outdoor pictures, it's up to you to try your best with what you have!   
Please, wrote a quick explanation about your chosen breed, like -Wich breed is it exactly -From where it came from (origin country) -What are the breed standard -History of the breed -How's the breed today, etc.


1rst Place
One Arabian Show Set from Orcanie Studio (thanks to her for the support prize!)
(picture only to show you her work)
One Calendar with Model Horse pictures,
One small donkey figure.

 2nd Place :

One Calendar with Model Horse pictures,
One small donkey figure.

3nd Place :  

One small donkey figure.

We will juge
  • Realism (scale, attention to details, etc)
  • Reference consistency (pictures, captions & whole search performance)
  • Picture quality (clear, light)
  • We'll allow us a heartbeat as well ;)
End of the entries by the 31st January.
To sent your entry, contact us by our pages Cléclème (A Grass Story) & Cold Ruru (And Dream of Spots) or comment to ask my mail. Thanks you!!

vendredi 21 septembre 2018

Curious Mountains

All Mountains & Geological curiosities shown here are located in the French Alps
-UNESCO Géoparc Alpes de Haute Provence-
(view from Chabanon)


La Rochette

Around Serre-Ponçon Lake...
Les Demoiselles Coiffées

Clues de Barles

Black Earth (La Robine sur Galabre)

Pénitents des Mées

dimanche 2 septembre 2018


Breyer Custom (painjob&modifications by Juliane Garstka) on "Croi Damsha" : OOAK. Painted in 2018. Originaly sculpted by Sarah Minkiewicz-Breunig.
Colour: Bay, Varnish Pattern // Breed: British Spotted Pony
Gender: Mare.
Traded from a Secret Santa Gift by Clémentine (2017)

samedi 1 septembre 2018

Silver Lining

Silver Lining
Artist Resin Custom (paintjob by Kimberly Bleecker) on "Chip". Sculpted by Lori Daniels.
Colour: Smutty Palomino, Minimal Blanket Pattern // Breed: Modern type Appaloosa
Gender: Gelding.