dimanche 30 juillet 2023


Artist Resin Custom (paintjob by Coralie Journoud) on "Xlurpie". Painted in 2023 and sculpted by Morgen Kilbourn.. 
Colour: Bay, Few Spot Pattern // Breed: Appaloosa
Gender: Mare.

vendredi 28 juillet 2023

Some more pictures from the liveshow!

Even if I got more pictures with my camera this year, I still collected pictures of my horses from other entrant...
As it's a great way to show you a bit of the fun. Most artistic pictures, share others hobbyist accounts...

@Manghorse_Modelhorse want to steal my horses... not a good idea to write it in publicy... because now I know 👀

 @StudioMoonRise_ did a set of beautiful portraits... I don't even know when... but thank you, I love them! 💖

Caption says "Every collector's dream..."

@Surimixeurinator took some horses in pictures...

Unless in fact she mostly took the judges in pictures? 😂

Caption says: Intense judging, @alponabycoldruru who works hard and me who does not.

This was too much shared between her and @Kelly_Breyerhorse 😅

@Adi_modelhorses did some really cool collages of her pictures... it really immerge you into the show...

 This one is probably my favorite of Valentine Kiss 💕

@a.lot.of.models also liked him, he got a spotlight out of my table picture... 💦

@Rubtouche did wonderfull pictures too, some of thoses might be my favorites... 💘

@Wanderers.photographs also got a portrait of Spotify... she's a stunning girl for sure...

Really great shots... 👌

@Thetimecavalry that masters tack had a shot of mine 👇

And some more views from @Amber_s_figures 👏

We'll finish on @AGrassStory that honored the mule 👍

Thank everyone for all thoses wonderfull pictures, they are way nicer than mines and I love them!!

mercredi 26 juillet 2023

Live Show Report!

In France, live show are as rare as unicorns.
I did one last year with the AMEC  and decided to goes again this year.

This time, it was planned very far from my location in France, so it was a long trip to go. I was very motivated to be honest.
Like last year, I took a table to show some of my model horses, as well as my drawings.

I choose to get things lighter than last year, mostly because this year I was judging a lot of classes, but I decided to do somethin' similar with horses that would start loose and get a little more of depiction during the day.

Sorry lightning in this room was difficult :')

My table was surrounded by friend's table, the team I shared an eco-lodge with, same as last year... they're my besta in the modelhorse hobby.



 And @AGrassStory with Brendon, our shirtless torso star!

But also with two other long-time friends, that weren't there last year:


And @Lythrum_mh

We all met on our french forum, more than 10 years ago, and it was the first time we see us all together!

I really wanted to do pictures of all the other stands this year, but I barely had the time to do thoses... sooo... well... another time maybe? Like last year I planned to do plenty of pictures and in the end couldn't. Sorry.
Most of the show pictures were done with my camera by @AGrassStory on my demand ;)

Following the program, the first competition was the breed class, and I had 8 horses entering. But also, I was there to judge them... so I just put my horses on the right table and grabbed some gloves.

Judging started, and believe me, it wasn't easy.

Also a note on how I inspect a horse:

-First, I look if the conformation matches the breed.
-Second, I check if the color matches the breed.
-Third, I check your reference sheet.
-Last, I determine in between the horses that have the best results on the finishwork and overall look of them.

Must also admit: horses in movement are really harder to see the correct conformation.

Some class were huge, like the Warmblood ones.
The struggle was real, you can read it on my face :')

A peek of two of my horses, lost in their classes.

And the results came...

Pink Lady, who was alone in her class won it. It's sad when there's no competition, to be honest.

Spotify got a 3rd place, in European Warmblood as a Knabstrupper (the hugest class of them all).

Ugly Duckling got a 2nd place, in Warmblood - Other Purebred & Cross as a Knabstrupper x French Saddle Horse.

Valentine Kiss got a 2nd place/2, in Warmblood - Foals as a Knabstrupper.

Nora Creina got a 2nd place, in Iberian - Other Purebred & Cross as a Lipizzaner x Appaloosa.
Love Me Right got a 3rd place, in Iberian - Other Purebred & Cross as a Spanish Jennet.

Friendly Ghost got a first place, in Stock - Mustang as a Mustang.

The appaloosa class was small but mighty.
Daylight got a first place, in Stock - Appaloosa as an Appaloosa.

To me, all of thoses horses deserved to win, specially in regard of the fact that they were all different type appaloosa... so how to judge that? Really, it was hard.

Daylight also winned the Stock table, beeing the Champion of it.

Then it was time for the second competition, the color classes.
Color classes beeing dense and also, the appaloosa color class beeing filled with... my horses... we were not two but three to judge it.

You can see by the look on our faces it wasn't easier than the breed part.

The most difficult table of them all:

On the appaloosa class I just gave my knowledge but the last word got to Kelly & Poky.
A beautiful class, indeed.

The real challenge was the Tammy Myrold finish battle. It really gave headeaches to us.

My Valentine Kiss got the preference over the two, I didn't believed it myself, to be honest... as I was quietly waiting for the 2 others judges to choose one.

Daylight got a first place, in Appaloosa - Leopard, Near & Few Spot
Spotify got a second place, in Appaloosa - Leopard, Near & Few Spot
Friendly Ghost got a fourth place, in Appaloosa - Leopard, Near & Few Spot

Ugly Duckling got a first place, in Pintaloosa
Love Me Right got a third place, in Pintaloosa

The last battle was between those two...

Nora Creina won it.
In fact she also won the Champion title of the appaloosa table and the Overall Champion of the whole color class. Unbelievable that one of my horse got so far!

After all that, I got back to my table and was able to quickly set up the final look of it.
I was a bit tired and really wanted to just chill & talk, but well...

I had another horse to enter in the competition and was called back to judge the tack class :')

After that, I finally was able to snatch pictures of my final table. Before I pack all thoses horses again.
Yep beeing ambitious is not simple...

In the end it was a really great day, filled with beautiful horses and good sport competition.
I wasn't able to chat a lot with the other hobby people as much as I wanted... but well... we'll finish this recap on this picture of the "veteran" of our French Breyer forum present on this show: