vendredi 31 janvier 2020

Monthly Mare - January - Fun in the Snow

When I started the "monthly mare" (wich I wasn't able to update as well as I wanted, because of you know... time), it was about my obsession about snowy pictures.
So if I was able to catch the mare in the poor snow we had the last years, this year is different because: I moved house into the mountains, so snow here is an evidence!

The season actually started with snow.
But I wasn't able to catch in full bloom, wich is sad, but also cool, because I really likes this shot:

Then it started to be muddy, slippery and dangerous, so I gave up my dreams of riding in the snow.

Even when snow started to melt, some places weren't negotiable. So we were stuck... by snow.

I waited.

Because, you know snow, if you only wants to show in the top of the mountains, that's fine, I can still enjoy myself!

Vengeance is a dish... served cold!!

Reeeally cooold...

I had so much fun!

The mare had so much fun! Just looks how ready she is do start again...

Of course, galloping in such snow may be dangerous, so be carefull. I was familiar with this field.

But I do, regret nothing...

Because the wait, was totally worth it!

I enjoyed also a little walk in the forest, it was too beautiful to miss it.

I feel like a Princess (and believe me, that's not everyday)

That's really rare that snow just sticks that well on trees... thanks to the rain just before. (And thanks I was able to get there, despite the extremely difficult icy roads.)

So yep, I'm hundred percent ready to do this again!

I'm so much laughing, I'm pathetic with my riding
(and again)

I want moar snow. But I'm glad I finally earned my ride in the snow!

Thanks snow!!

lundi 20 janvier 2020

A reply to Braymere's blog comments

In december 2019, Braymere did share two articles I wrote for her.
The first about my mountains, the second about my castle tours.

My pictures got a good reply from the public able to seen them and I'm really glad about that!
It's the best reward I can have!

taken at La Pierre Percée, isère, France

When viewing the comments, I feeled I should reply to them:

So, first reply about "how far" I goes to do my pictures. (I will illustrate with pictures taken on moments when I did some actual modelhorse pictures you saw on Braymere's blog)

Most of my pictures, thoses in the Alps, can be taken in the garden or in some *near* interrest spot, but you'll usually have to count 1 hour or more car, to get there.
I can brings my horses with me when out for a shopping or I can plan a hike somewhere with a friend.

Taken at Barles, paca, France
(with my friend Jaf)
It happends that I'm burning with some picture desire about a certain type of place or a certain type of weather, so of course I may goes somewhere on purpose. Or I can be closing the windows, see a certain light or somethin' that catch my interrest and run outside with a horse and my camera. Beeing a photograph is always about beeing ready.

Taken at Pontis, paca, France
But even if I do lives in the mountains, it may happends that I goes really far to catch some other sides of the mountains. Because they are MANY different mountains lookings.

taken in Savoie, France
(with my friend Louise)
Or I also can goes farest than my usual in the departement, to found somethin' else than mountains. Or even change the landscape, so I need to push farer and farer.

taken at Rustel, paca, France
taken at Giens, var, France
I also can just pay a visit to a friend! And my friends tends to be everywhere in France, so I have to take the train as it  means a lot of travels accross the country!

taken at Lac St Amédée, burgundy, France
"Can you please sent thoses rocks more like this or like that, please?" (understand: can you control them by mind and just made the splash I want without a billion try?)
And of course, they are my Castle tour, with my friend Cléclème. We pick a Castle near her home and we goes on purpose to do pictures. That's not the door next to mine!

taken at Versailles, yvelines, France
When "THAT" specific grass is bothering you.
France isn't the tallest country, but it counts a lots of hours to cross it. So yes, my pictures may needs me to do the effort of going far. But I do it with pleasure. I love to discover new places, and I loves to see my friends.

taken in the pyreneans mountains, with my friend Sabrina
taken at Nantes, with my hobby friends Alizarine & Haras d'Orcanie. Plus my friend Riri.
taken at the North Sea (Belgium) with my friends Sabrina & Cléclème
taken in the Alps, with my best hobby friends: Cléclème, Sabrina & Mégann (from Canada). Plus her friend Audrey.
Also count that I'm never against going back to my home country, Belgium! That's the farest so far!

taken at the Atomium, Belgium

Second reply, to Danielle Feldman.
Yes that Stormwatch was painted by you. I was dreaming of both a Stormwatch and an appaloosa painted by yourself. I found the two in one.
Thanks for such an amazing piece!

You can found info about all my horses (who painted it, who sculpted it, etc) under the "Collection Cavalry" button:

Thanks to ALL of your for your kinds comments, really!
And Timaru Star, it's "vive les Equestriennes" you just forgot an "s" ;)

jeudi 9 janvier 2020

FOUR years and a big new!

Today is a big day for me. Of course, it's the blog's anniversary.
But also, it's the day I've choose to present you a new blog:

As some of you may know, way before photography, my first specialty is drawing and painting, but I also loves to craft things too.
This year, I've decided to give a try as earning my life as an artist! And that's what the blog is about: showing and selling my art.
There will be original drawings, prints, commissions, crafted object and maybe even painting on modelhorse figure offered all year long.

You could found a link everywhere on this blog under the button "Art Blog"