vendredi 29 décembre 2023

Koh-i Nor

Koh-i Nor
Breyer Custom (painjob by Kimberly Bleecker) on the mold "Valegro". Sculpted by Brigitte Eberl.
Colour: Black, Spotted Blanket Pattern // Breed: Appaloosa Dutch Horse (similar to Sportaloosa)
Gender: Gelding.

lundi 25 décembre 2023

Christmas Celebration

If you know me very well you might know that I don't really like Christmas.
While I love gifts, I'm not found of extended family reunion. My first "best" Christmas was the one I spent alone at home. Ever since, Christmas is not a shore anymore.

But if there's a thing that I've always liked in this time of the year, beside the snow, it's the Christmas deco.
We rarely do a christmas tree, mostly because we search a way to do it without an actual real tree every time and we don't like synthetic ones. But... something we do more is the village with nativity figures (we call them Santon in French).

Santon are a long tradition in Provence, they are made with terra cota, and all of ours are handmade by different craftpersons. The unpainted one are from my childhood as my grandmother used to gift one every Christmas, so they are thoses she gave us. Then me and my mother started to choose and buy them ourselves, building our village years after years.

In 2021 for the winter fun photoshow, I did a picture involving modelhorse and my santon for the first time... I really liked the result!

This year, not only we did a Christmas tree...

But I also set up the Santon village...

This gave me the idea to ask if you wanted another modelhorse picture with them, and I got a massive yes as a reply.
So well...

For Christmas Eve;

For Christmas Day;

If you are wonderin' why it's very blue, that's because those blue Santons are my very favorites...

How much do you like this?

vendredi 1 décembre 2023