lundi 10 avril 2017

Ugly Pony Pouches

All outdoor & shower breyer/AR collector, knows that pony pouches are the basis.
I'm often asked about how I did pack my horses, the answer is: a great bubble wrap pouch.

But, recently, I acquired the official Breyer pony pouches, and the first thing to say is:

How ugly they are. Yes, I do LOVE all kind of kitsh, but to be honest, this is going way to far my tastes.
But, past this first look, they are really usefull:
-soft inside
-easy to carry
-with ugly but strong fabric
-I'm only not convinced about how THIN they are.

That's why I decided to have some more, thicker ones, and asked my mom' about sewing some more ;). (Because you know, moms are always better than you about that)
First, we'd have to choose fabrics, and I decided to match them with awfull ones...

Do you feel as ashamed as I am?

My mom so did an awesome work... doing ugly homemade pony pouches...

And because she's perfect, she also made me different sizes, bigger than the breyer ones, to match my longer/heavier horses...

Do you know how much I LOVE my ugly pony pouches? As much as I've asked more to my mom, and bough another *awesome* fabric for them...

Don't you want to die for, right now?
My mother already promess me she will need sunglasses to work on these new ones, not kidding.
Then, I need so say a BIG BIG THANKS YOU to her for those.

Best mom ever, and you know why ;)

samedi 8 avril 2017

Winners Announcement

When I launched my Challenge, I used to receive a lot of enthousiastic mails.
But in the end, I only received 3 full complete challenge, that's why I decided to reward all of them,
for those who haven't saw them, there was:

"A Grass Story" (France)

My favorite of her pictures was this one:
Picturing a Portrait
 It reminds my a painting by Alfred James Munnings, and you know HOW MUCH I love old paintings? In fact, it was kind of the thema for this whole challenge.
Congratz Cléclème, you catched the spirit!

"Ulrike" (Germany)

She kindly asked me if she could participate, and of course the answer was yes. I was really excited about her final contribution!

My favorite of her pictures was this one:
The Masters
And I must admit, I really don't know if it's a model or a real horse (and that's quite rare that I didn't figue it out), but the whole picture is awesome, perfect lighthning and movement.

And don't ya know Ulrike, I'm not really found of Christmas and traditional festivities, as much, I did prefer Halloween too ;).

Brent Graat

"Pomponette" (France)

Hard to pick my favorite, as I really loved two in particular.

But because, we are speaking of painting, this one is a perfect classic:
Daily Lifestyle
We could thinks this horse is really in side of his barn, fiery steed. Really love the colours and compo with the tree behind.

Jacques Laurent Agasse


And so, all of you girls won a mini painted figure (schleich size) OR a drawing (portrait of the animal of your choice). Just let me know what you want to pick ;)
Thanks a lot to all of your for your interrest, questions and interresting ideas!