jeudi 9 juin 2016

TBT: Competence Acquired

For those who follow, I spoked a lot about my modelhorse meetings, and between them, their is one person who share my crazyness more than the other, it's Sabrina!

The one and only!
And that's how, dashing though the storm, on November 2014, even if her car was at the end of life (that's what the mechanic said)...

She did it, she comes to the Pyrenees!
Oh it was quite an adventure, and the car was totally part of it, mostly because it's almost impossible do to anything without in this land (believe the girl who lived more than 6month without car there).
As all of our mets, their was...

Real horses, of course
So, lots of ridings...
The rain invited herself, of course.

Second time Sabrina met my mare, and I'm always amazed to see how she ride.
So she started to train the lazy beast, as I'm not such a good rider as her. So much to learn from!

Instructive watch & talk, did help a lot!

But of course, we didn't take care only of the real horses, and goes to explore the mountains  with our little horses, as well as rain isn't really an excuse...

And man, it was sooo cold, only this kind of terrific food saved our life after that...
Local Cassoulet.
Lady approves!
(and this picture make me thinks about this video. Shame lol.)
Our tour also included the famous town, Toulouse (and homeland of Cassoulet)!
Resume is gonna be quick, as 3 noticeables things happened:
Making a size comparition between Sabrina and my dear Roomate, Jaf.
Meet Nathalie, who was one of the greatest collection of Breyers.

She gave me a box that passed the Darjee approval!
We left with a rabbit!

How cool is that?
Not as cool, as the big mission planned on the last day! For the first time of our meeting history, we had an extra pony... because if you remember the size comparison, then you will understand...

Sabrina actually fits Jaf's pony, Ulysse.
This means, we could driven far away from our habits...
Did you get it?
Because, at this time, my mare get it... "what would I choose?"

Know you must get it!
Fact is, I'm not into McDonald's. Because of lots of personal conviction. But my friend Sabrina's actullay worked there for 4 years and dreamed of doing that. And I must admit, it's kind of a funny fact, everyone dreams to do, no?

The surprise on that face, worth it!
Nobody worked, everybody was watching this cool employee gave apple to the horses. Still worth it!
Totally worth it!!
Hell yeah, that's what I called funny. So much like a win! Great memories and perfect horses too.

Then, it was time for Sabrina to goes back home, and I was part of the trip as well as the rabbit. And for the rabbit, we had to do a looot of stops.
First stop planned on Carcassonne,

Because... lunch time called for...
Local Cassoulet, again!
 Didn't left empty handed...

The story is not finish yet, second stop planned was expected with a flash meet on the road with Jade, because second lunch time called for...
A great camembert party on a McDo.
Hell yes.
And the rabbit arrived home, perfectly well ;)

This time it's really the end of the story.
(In real, I came with Sabrina for a Santa's night, but I already blog about it.)
Thanks for reading, this time again!!

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