jeudi 28 juillet 2016

Ursus Major

Ursus Major
Artist Resin Custom (paintjob by Agnès Fichelle) on "Star of Orion". Painted in 2016 and sculpted by K.L.Francis. 
Colour: Bay Champagne, Blanket Pattern // Breed: Spanish Spotted Horse
Gender: Stallion.

Blue Mountains

Chartreuse, Mountains

Crolles' Theet

jeudi 14 juillet 2016

Second Part: Bonus Stage

At the end of our long week of BJEPS, there was a reward planned... and it's time to speak about!

Our french forum, is mostly hosting french people, but we have the chance to also host other french speaking people dispatched in the world. And one of them is, Mégann.
Mégann is from Canada, wich is not really the door next to France. But for two weeks, she was on tour in our country. So... of course, we used google map to know what we can do.
Luckily, she was not sooo far from my town and Sabrina was not too, so we decided to meet at my home. But I came home not only with Sabrina, but also with Clementine!

And that's how...
This happened!
Clémentine, Sabrina, Myself & Mégann
Mégann came with a friend of her, Audrey. She's not into Breyer and less more in the forum, and I didn't even know if she likes horses, but she was ready for our 4h+ horse trail in the moutain... kind of...

Also, Mégann is a long date fan of my mare...
So she had it for the day.
The start was, as usual, a great time to stop and do pictures...
Mountain pictures
Group pictures

The trail we took, runs on mountain flank, into woods.

And include lots of tiny rivers to cross...
Clementine and Nani.
Sabrina and Chichi.
Mégann and Sweet S. Amira & Myself and Domi.
Plenty of great places to stop...

And also, provides great fields at the end!

But that's not all the trail have to offer, there's a last galloping path...
Mégann and Audrey came with Jaf.
And I taked Amira's back to open the way...
For the final view before the way down.

It was a long, but fun, and full with soreness for some of us who aren't riders. Great memories too, the perfect way to spent time with friends.

Of course, it was not all.
Mégann doesn't came to me empty handed...
Welcome to this beauty!
And we spoke a lot about our favorite little plastic horses, who make the whole day happened in a way!
Then it was time to say... goodbye!

flash doesn't spare our previous sunburns.
Maybe next time in Canada?

mercredi 13 juillet 2016

How Beautiful Delilah


How Beautiful Delilah
Breyer Custom (painjob&modifications by Juliane Garstka) on "Stock Horse Mare" : OOAK. Originaly sculpted by Chriss Hess.
Colour: Chestnut, Snowcap Pattern // Breed: Appaloosa Nokota/Mustang type
Gender: Mare.

Wild Ones

St Amédée, Lake