mercredi 30 janvier 2019

Monthly Mare - January - Dashing though the Snow

In December 2017, I was lucky enough to capture the only day of snow we got.
I put my mare in the small riding arena and let her express herself.

This one is my favorite
Emily and "her" horse Lynx, helped me.
We didn't get snow in December 2018
But this January 2019, we got a shy day with some snow.
I decided to be more ambitious than last year, and goes to the lake.
Obviously, it was more difficult to handle.

Here's my favorite this time.
I got help of course.
Emily leaded the mare by distance, and the dogs running all along were a good push.
Thanks for the assistance again!

vendredi 11 janvier 2019

My love for CATS

For thoses who were sleeping and didn't follow, I do loves cat.
For thoses who guesses: you were right.

Early in life (to be honest, even before I can remember) in 1992, a kitty entered the house.
Nuage, as a kitty
As said in the 2018 advent calendar, I did never got a pony nor a horse as kid, but this grey cat.
We grew old together... (with kid myself and ado myself aha)

There's really few pictures of Nuage, when I was a kid my father did not thinks as usefull to take picture of her and when I got my first camera, she was already really old.
She lived with us for 21 years. I for sure, never spends so much time with real horses, but with a cat, yes!!

That's why I cannot see my life without a cat, 'cuz they are addictive, and without Nuage, the emptyness was too difficult to handle. The "good" news: it's not difficult to found a cat in need. Their was a lot of stray kitties at my mare's barn, and one in particular that I fell in love with.

Eventually, she came as a "buy one get one free" deal, 'cuz she have a sister and they were pretty much glued to each other all day, so I didn't feel like separate them.
So I got two kitties.

the adventurous Darjeeling,
Always center of the attention,

the very shy Lady Grey,
Always hidden somewhere,

Yep yep and you are asking yourself why I speak so long about this for a modelhorse blog... well...
If Nuage had very few interrest for my early collection...

We cannot said the same for the two followers...
From the boxes,

To the sceneries...

And other things...
like my desk chair front of the model or my pony pouches bag...

So that's life with cats. And that's how I like it!

But of course, when you WANT them to steal the show, it's more difficult.
(Lady is way too coward to play the game and stay were I ask for so long, that's why you see Darjeeling more often and that I choose her)

"Can I eat this?"
'WTF are those starring at me?"
I'm watching you, not the cake. Is that ok?
Yes, I did this whole blog post just to share this. Sorry/not Sorry.