samedi 7 janvier 2017

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This new year of hobby, was wide open on new perspectives, as I started to travel to meet other hobbyist in France. First with Sabrina, then with Clémentine. I could learn a lot from them, but also by exploring new places with my miniatures horses filled with gigantic nature as I couldn't find in town, or even in Belgian country, because we don't have mountains.

My top horses were my first customs, by other french artists:

Of course, my creativity still have no limits, I explored museum and tryed to catch every part of nature, including fishes!

I did my first snowy pictures...

Capture light the best I could...

Started to add realism in my wild pictures...


Then upgrade with buildings, and did great...

Don't have breyer rider and continues to cross my horses with anime figures, still love this!

Start indoor photography and crafting with Clementine...

Also, a new year with really great stuffs, and discoveries. Also, filled with shootings that learned me a lot, but not the bests ones... I did great in 2012 by not searching realism and I did less great in 2013 because the search of realism include a lot of things I juge poor today. But some shots really worth it, and they are coming in two bonus post!
To end this review of 2013, here's my favorite pics of this past year:

Hope you're ready for what's coming next!

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