mardi 16 août 2016

Rains of Bruxelles

I already spoke about Bruxelles.
And I did never promise it would be the last time, so far.

Bruxelles, it's quite a town, you know... big, bold & beautiful. It's a strange thing for me to be there like a tourist, but it's also kind of fun. And I wanted to share a little bit of my trip...

So our tour started at the famous Grand Place...

It was so rainy, we decided to do something I was dreaming of for years now... the carriage tourist tour! (never experienced before, I swear, because it's kind of a tourist thing lol)

So... much... awesome, didn't regret this a second.

Thanks Mira for the tour!

Typical tourist tour, so this one too, included a lot of classics like, you know, the little Manneken Piss, the St Nicolas' church, typical lane, Royal St Huber's Gallery, etc. Doing this under the rain wouldn't have been really cool. Hail the carriage tour to keep us dry! (linked pictures from this previous post)

Grand Place (another day)
Queen's Gallery
Chocolate Maker at Queen's Gallery
And... selfies!

But, Bruxelles it's also crazy and unique streets filled with Art Nouveau houses, my favorite artistic movement. It include the one and only Horta's House, but... in real you can spots some almost everywhere... (linked pictures from this previous post)

One of my favorite is on my direct neighborhood, I googled it for you!

As I said, we saw a lot of them... that's why Brussels isn't only beautiful but simply awesome.

Also walking into the city, it's about great places, whatever they are...
or Wide
It also could be not only an outdoor place, but an indoor too...
First, we goes at the Old Arts Museum, to see flemmish and baroque masters.
My favorite, a Jordaens' masterpiece!
Of course, I did horses spotting...
And found spotted horses :)
La Foire d'Impruneta, Jacques Callot, circa.1620 (Detail)
Pferds, Roelandt Savery, 1630 (Detail)
Then, Sun was kind of back, Grand Place was calling again.
Under the rain, we saw the 20th traditional flower carpet being put up on the floor, but under the sun we saw it in person!
2016 pattern
Local press photo, we were here under the rain too!
This is what we saw at least
Next exciting stop... something I already spoke about too, the Atomium! Brussels own eiffel tower.
Tourist spot!
What's this?
Of course, never forget who you are :)

Yes yes, modelhorse pictures are coming, at this point if you'd thinked this post would be free of it, forget it!
In fact I've prepared something.
The trip include another thing never done before, and one of the most exciting after the carriage...
Second museum, Hergé's one. Oh yes, I can't be a Bruxelloise without loving Tintin. And let me let you know that Snowy's name is in fact Milou. Tintin & Milou, nothing else ;)

How cool?

I'm affraid I also cannot be a Tintin and figure lover without adding this to my collection...
I'm weak
We completed this visit with another place I know best, the centennial. Third museum then.
If you've read Tintin, and if you love it too, you should know a lot of things Hergé depicted are real, like the Rascar Capac mommy or the Arumbaya fetish, and both are at the centennial.
As well as this...
Real life breyer! Yeah!
& Another Art Nouveau House, Cauche's
Final stop.

So I may not live here anymore, but it's still my home.
I love this town so much, and I've got a new and nostalgic shooting to come.

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