samedi 13 février 2016

TBT : Steps of Friendship

Because ModelHorse isn't the same without good friends, and because it DOES create friendship and I will not be an exception...

So my first met was with... Sabrina!
She's one of the two creators of our french forum, and so, in February 2013 after she gave me my first secret santa, I came to visit her.

Of course, it wasn't a horseless time!
I was still living in Brussels (Belgium) and she was in Burgondy (France) so there's a long way, 2 trains and lot of hours before I arrived. And of course, we never met each other, but still, we were kind of familiar, like good friends.
First thing we did, was to goes on the stabble so I can met Sabrina's horse, Quirian.

the famous chestnut french trotter, Quirian
As I said, at this time I didn't ride often, nor I had access to horses, that was why modelhorses were so much confort for me. And of course, meeting real horses was kind of something for me.

And before coming, I did a custom of Quirian as a gift to Sabrina, so next thing we did was to dash though the snow and get some pictures! It also was amusing to compare my custom to the real living horse.

Recent photo by Sabrina

Moment when... the horse you shoot ruins everything
The famous "frog" technique to brave danger and not sliding when shooting on frosted rocks.
After so much aventures, it was time for me to goes back home, but you can't imagine how much this was a real start for me in the hobby! And for something else... (but it's another story I will share later)


The second met was with... Clémentine!
Second creator of our french forum, she was living at this time at Seyne les Alpes (french Alps) and I did came to visit on August 2013... it was a crazy summer then.

And of course, none horseless...
MULISH time!
We started at the local fair watching drafts, mules and donkey. Seyne is reputed for the mules and Clémentine was working for the local mule association. 
But instead of riding mules, we rode olds arabs... with pretty still the same character...

Calife and Touba
Such danger: a wild tree appears on the road!!
Did you see some fire signal?
But real horses wasn't goog enought, we also needed to saw horses (and mule) at night...that were something planned because of 'movies' on cinemas this particulary year...

Oh yes, we did it.
Totally worth it!
That was the best moment with modelhorse, but we had some much productive -speaking of photographs-, because 'plastic horses' shooting calls you know?

YES I goes hicking with this kind of shoes, never mind.



But, of course, it was just a first step in friendship, next time we did met (in march 2014), it was at Sabrina's...

In the same foot, towards future we goes!

But we weren't exactly two (and Quirian)...
Clémentine did come for the week-end!
And there's so many to say about this... of course Clémentine and Sabrina were best friends for years, but it was quite something we expected for a moment!
And of course, "girl meeting" means...

"Friendship Test", useless basics of a relationship during a girls night! LOL.
Trolling when watching other girls riding.
And selfies!!

Oh I so love these shots, I can't just upload one...
People asked if we gets married with this one, oh girls!
But real horses aren't all, we also did have to go play on other fields... because we are not simple horses crazy girls, we also are little horsies (Breyer) and my little ponies lovers!

And of course Eating, the thing we love both the most!
This was too short times to goes shooting plastic horses with Clémentine, but we -of course- did with Sabrina, on a long day trip... into the countryside of Morvan!

You need a horsie bag with all material AND SWEETS. Sweets are the most important part!
Only nightfall stopped us...
So again (and saddly)...
Goodbye friends!

Many other stories to come!

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