mardi 2 février 2016

Secret Santa 2015

So in my previous post, I teased you about these gifts, with my history of Secret Santa...

So no more talking, here's what I got this year, and I won't be sorry to have those gifts opened lol!
The card said "because the horse is a gentlemen, he did come with his pajama"
I love that.
And because he also have style, he came with a nameplate halter...
"PennyRoyal Tea"
I love that too!
But stop talking about the head, what about those braids?
I think it's my favorite part!
And of course, no gentlemen without shoes, this particular type of shoes are historic for horses that pulled carriage in cities.
So, I think I'm gonna need a carriage for PennyRoyal Tea.
Thanks a lot, Aurélia, I truly loved this Santa this time again :)

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