mardi 2 avril 2024

April Fool (and Happy Easter)

Every year, I crave about easter. Not because I love spring (that's false) but because of the chocolate figures! Ever since I'm a kid, I love to receive molded chocolate, I love to discover what I got (or choose what I will get).
In 2022, I staged a chocolate jump and ever since, I want to do more... This year I choose with love a beautiful easter bell and staged my jump with love!

End of the story? No.
Because it's not the picture I planned to make. To be more precise, everything I wanted is here: chocolate jump, fake ground to looks like an arena, our cherry tree (with the convenient fencing around)... that's truly great except...
I planned to do this picture in real, not in two pictures assembled with photoshop.

If that first part is 100% true:

You might have spot it đŸ‘€
Yesterday, there was a raging storm outside here, and I wasn't able to do my easter picture in front of our cherry tree, so I had to do it with photoshop (all by hand with my own skills, no AI involved). I did take the picture of the tree in between two rain shower and I took the rest inside then... the magic đŸȘ„
That part is an april fool:

What I've learned from that? It was easy (long, but easy) and I plan to only do that kind of picture from now on. Less difficult, more enjoyable đŸ‘

...directly inspired by the frustration I feel every time I am not able to have what I want in real. I truly value the fact that my pictures are not fake.

Even if I must admit that in the end it was fun and I like thoses two pictures, they are not so bad!
... But I will never stop to do pictures in situ, don't worry!

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