lundi 18 avril 2022

Happy Easter! + the anatomy of a picture

I LOVE chocolate figure and always feel like I need to do pictures with them before eating it.
So here's a chocolate jump (wich is an idea I got for ages now)!

And this picture wasn't an easy one, that's why I propose to you to talk about the "anatomy of a picture".

First of all, the last days were really HOT and chocolate melt, so I had to choose an hour of the day with less sunlight just to be sure.
Then I prepared my scenery, picking the right chocolate figure for the jump, and once ready, here I am rolling in the grass again...

 It smelled chocolate like crazy by the way.

Sunlight was still too much to my taste. I know most photographers loves best to have sun, but I prefers pictures with less to no sun. So while waiting for the sun to goes down, I played a bit with flash.

I don't like flash pictures, it create an artificial light and reflection on the subject that I just hate.
But I tryied. It was kind of okay, it have advantages, but that's definely not a fit to my taste.

Yes this picture is darker, but I loves it way, way better!

Then once the first point of view I wanted was secured, I tryed different ones, because you never know if there's any better!

Loves this angle...

Not to mention this one...

Playing with flash in fact, makes me discover how to do this... and I admit I kinda like that night shot effect. I like it way better than a normal flash feature and might re-use it for photoshow performance!

Yep thoses pictures were done in daylight - No there's no photoshop behind it! How cool?

So here's two advices that I apply at any pictures: do several pictures, try things... you never know what can be discovered!

Wich one is your favorite? And happy easter!

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