lundi 17 octobre 2022

the Mood Board - Choosing your horse portrait!

Yesterday I posted the portrait Sue Kern did for me of my gelding, Excalibur.
The search was difficult because it's not that easy to found a sculpture that looks like him. So, as far I did with Amira for her portraits, I choose on a "mood board". So I searched for a resin that have an attitude and body langage that reminded me of my pony.

I also wanted a Eberl resin, painted by Sue to match my Amira portrait n°2. So the two resins would kinda belong together.
If I see Amira galloping freely with energy in a field when I close my eyes, I see more Excalibur "showing off" in front of other horses (or sleeping in a corner, wich is less epic).

Of course, the best of the best, for both my horses would be to have original sculptures, I really wish this dream can come true one day or another, but waiting for that opportunity I'm really glad with how I managed to run thoses portraits on the closest look.

 See the "mood board"

For me that trotting lipizzaner, if you close your eyes on the lenght of the head, is pretty close. The body is really the same, the attitude too. Sue did a more fitting tail and reworked the head a bit.

Also, thoses two portraits were never introduced to their equine counterpart...

Now it's done! - And I like that!

And you, how would you choose a model for a portrait?

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