vendredi 18 mars 2016

The White & Brown Mare...

I talked about my mare in the last TBT, but I do not talked yet about her part in the model horse!

My White Horse
The mare I bought were white with some little brown dots, just enough to say she was appaloosa...
So I ordered a custom, choice was hard but I opted for a Storm Chaser, and because it was a "special" horse, I wanted it to be haired then choose the best in France about hairing, Jade Mklv.
Adventure started then!

First step, make a more roman nose.
By fall, the horse suddently became more browner, so I sent more photographs...
Brown in fall
White again in spring...
So custom became half teinted, but more white...
At the end she was haired, at this time she doesn't have much hairs too.
I asked my mare if she agreed the representation, but she doesn't thinks it was interresting...
This shot was hard to get :')
At least the sculpture doesn't match exactly my mare, but, the attitude yes... and Jade's paintjob is so accurate, it's Sweetie for sure!

"Sweet Sacrifice" by Jade Mklv


My Brown Horse
The mare I get the years after I bought her became more browner and spotted seasons after seasons...
So came a second custom, for some reasons I would explain one day, and this time, the mold chosed was Lily Marleen. Also no hairs, so I choose Sue Kern for the painting!
New adventure started again...

Head was reworked two time, until...
Brown in winter
Still brown in summer...

This time the sculpture did match the horse as well as the painting. The more classy Amira (Sweetie, it's the barn name) for sure!
"Amira" by Sue Kern


Same horse, different artists.

And who know maybe, the horse's tack?

2 commentaires:

  1. Elles sont magnifiques toutes les deux.
    C'est impressionnant à quel point elle change. Sur les photos "isolées" je ne m'en étais jamais rendue compte

    1. Oh oui Sweetie c'est pas la même de saisons en saison, d'années en années... au final j'aime bien :)