mercredi 27 février 2019

Monthly Mare - February - Our Trails

When I dreamed about a horse, it was mostly because I wanted long trails outdoors. Saddly for me, things are a little more difficult, as my beloved mare isn't really the most willing horse. Let's be honest: she's ok to follow any other horse everywhere in the world and is barely affraid of nothing. But, put her alone on her own, it's a different story.

Basically, she can go all around the world but she'll go backwards, even in a hole full of water, no worries. Also if you dare to insist on direction, she'll go up in the air.

It's a firm nope.
Of course, we worked on that, and even if going outside with another horse is always safer, I can now go alone with her on short rides (it's our start). Kind of a win and I'm proud of it.

This picture celebrate one of our first galop on a solo ride (minor the photograph who was on foot)

So now that you know, let's share our actual playground!

We are on a swamp who's half a protected area for some local fauna & flora but also half an agricultural area. 'Cuz in France it totally make sense to allow farmers to pollute and expand pesticide plus allow hunters to go kill in a protected area.

Also, as it's a swamp, every path runs alongside little water canals.

For my mare who really dislike water, it was really challenging first. Usually she jumped every water-like things from puddle to trickle of water. But not any more, or less than before.

In summer, your main adversary will be the farmers, as they can be everywhere in the fields working or puts scary things in the fields to fight against birds. There's a lot of them, from crows to herons.

Or maybe let scarry colorfull chairs behind? Who knows!
You'll also get used to ride on corn hallways, so be aware of what can be hide by thoses, cuz it's way way higher than a horse!

(you want to discuss scale of gigantic nature?)
The obvious advantage of ALL thoses fields are that you've got great space everywhere and straight roads to runs.

In spring/autumn and winter your main adversary will be hunters and mud. But there's a lot of tarmac and rocky roads too, so you'll always found a path.
That's also time where you get rids of all thoses crops, and can take a run into the fields themselves or enjoys the mountains more!

end of Spring
Autumn remains my favorite season, by far. 

If you cross that driveway, you've got the local river to follow and you can go really far, there's a rocky way all along for miles!

What I do love the most about our trails are the white topped mountains...

Foggy mornings...

 And the lake!

It's not really far from the stabble, and it can be very crowded between fishmens and families but it's simply a beautiful place...

You've got everything there:

Little galloping line
View on Mountains
Cool Lightning

A big thanks to Emily and Lynx for our daily horse rides.

And all my other friends that did came with us on foot or cycle all along! They are the photographs were credit goes ;)

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  1. I have enjoyed getting to know your surroundings better. It sounds like a conservation area (wildlife management area. In my state Pennsylvania they call them gamelands.). You have some incredible photographers!

    1. Interresting. Here's they are some butterflies and other things that are known as protected in the swamp, but it remains really exploited to my side of view. Also we are really close to the driveway and a small city so it's pretty much crowded on week-end.