vendredi 28 juillet 2023

Some more pictures from the liveshow!

Even if I got more pictures with my camera this year, I still collected pictures of my horses from other entrant...
As it's a great way to show you a bit of the fun. Most artistic pictures, share others hobbyist accounts...

@Manghorse_Modelhorse want to steal my horses... not a good idea to write it in publicy... because now I know 👀

 @StudioMoonRise_ did a set of beautiful portraits... I don't even know when... but thank you, I love them! 💖

Caption says "Every collector's dream..."

@Surimixeurinator took some horses in pictures...

Unless in fact she mostly took the judges in pictures? 😂

Caption says: Intense judging, @alponabycoldruru who works hard and me who does not.

This was too much shared between her and @Kelly_Breyerhorse 😅

@Adi_modelhorses did some really cool collages of her pictures... it really immerge you into the show...

 This one is probably my favorite of Valentine Kiss 💕

@a.lot.of.models also liked him, he got a spotlight out of my table picture... 💦

@Rubtouche did wonderfull pictures too, some of thoses might be my favorites... 💘

@Wanderers.photographs also got a portrait of Spotify... she's a stunning girl for sure...

Really great shots... 👌

@Thetimecavalry that masters tack had a shot of mine 👇

And some more views from @Amber_s_figures 👏

We'll finish on @AGrassStory that honored the mule 👍

Thank everyone for all thoses wonderfull pictures, they are way nicer than mines and I love them!!

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