jeudi 9 mars 2023

Meet the Collector

In march, I've decided to do the "meet the maker" #
It led me to write more about who I am as a collector and how I collect.

As a little girl, I already collected everything horse shaped. Thrift shopping and flea market were on our family habits, so really, I had a lot of thrifted from everywhere "horse shaped thing". My favorites beeing Barbie horses, Grand Champion and My Little Ponies.

When I discovered breyer, thanks to @ladyorcanie it was a whole new world opening to my obsession... and I quickly became more and more invested and picky in my collection.

The way that you can play with thoses miniatures is really close to my child way to play, where every horse has a stable and paddock and that I taked care of my whole cavalry every day - like if I had real horses. Now I try to fool people with the most realistic and stunning pictures I can do.

I also met a lot of my actual best friends via modelhorse and for that, I am really thankfull.

Amira, my mare's portrait.

When I started collecting, it was pretty obvious to me that I'll need strict guidelines in my collection to make it work without scatter.
So I decided to only collect my favorite color: spotted (appaloosa). And to stick to it!

My collection purpose is to gather all the appaloosa pattern in the wider range of possible colors (coat), including the particularities of the gene. Also to have a large pannel of each breed that can sport the spotted colour.
It's simple goal but a very challenging one and I love it.

As a true spotted horse enthousiast, I am also collecting every appaloosa toy I can found. And am happy to count real spotted horses into my family!

Pumpkin, one of my favorite.

It is obvious that I prefer customs over OF... for a very simple reason: I love how every artist express itself in a painting.
I really do cares a lot about an artist's vision and expression even when it comes to "reproduce" real horses coat. If what it's searched (realism) is the same, the way of archieving it is really different from a finishwork artist to another.
That's why my collection include a large range of different painters, I want it to reflect variety.

And it's the same idea that I love regarding the sculpting part of the hobby.

Combining the right pattern with the right color on the right sculpture, and found the perfect one painter that will makes it a win...
Is a real joy and an important part of my work as collector.

All my horses are listed under the tag CAVALRY, with info on their breed, colour, painter & sculptor... everything you may want to know! (I have precise stats on my collection).

My dear Darjeeling <3

I know this blog is really focused on horses... but can we say that "horses" are my favorite animals?

Well in fact... my real spirit animal is cat.
Horse have a special aura, I've always been obsessed with them... and probably always will be.
Drawing horses always been an evidence for me.
Collecting horses figures always been priority over others material things.
Having my own horse always been my ultimate dream.
But to tell the truth, I probably just fit better with cats :')

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