jeudi 29 septembre 2022


This week, on instagram I did a few days of intense posting around the thema "Moody"!
Dark, cloudy skies... bad weather coming! I loves thoses skies, I prefer (from far) that kind of atmosphere than plain sunny days.

Do you like that as much as me?

Here's a few of what I could call 'moody' shootings...

-LAST CALL FOR SNOW (2016-2017) - Poursollet/Jarrie/Sappey (French Alps)

-WINTER WONDERLAND (2017) - Fanget Pass (French Alps)

-FALL'S SUNSET, AND WINTER AT DAWN (2017) - Pontis/Selonnet (French Alps)

-SMOKE & MIROR (2020) - Selonnet (French Alps)

-FLY ME (2022) - Ubaye Valley (French Alps)

Wich one do you like best? Would you like to see more "Moody" skies?
Will do another recap on another thema next month for sure!

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