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History Secret - Part Five


Here's a recap of the third and last filming Excalibur did for TV.
And this one, is by far, a favorite...

We got a lot of horsey scene in the script, including canters and such. But once we get on Digoine Castle again, with Excalibur and Quirian (repeated the duo), we were asked if one of the horse could be ridden sidesaddle because of the actress dress that couldn't allow her to ride astride as planned.

Excalibur, as he's my horse now, was already trained to be ridden with a skirt (that's why we choosed him for the day). So we did it a try of false sidesaddle, out of the blue.

Because yep, it's just a classic saddle, without one of the stirrup.

We asked the production if they got a sidesaddle, but the answer was no. Luckily, Excalibur really reacted like he had done this his whole life... so it would be okay for some walking, saddly it meaned that canter would not be an option for this time.

Once the pony was ready, it was time for the actress to ride. We were all a bit nervous about the fact she had to ride sidesaddle without a proper saddle, but...

Like Excalibur, she did this as she had done it her whole life. And I must admit, it was so classy, I fell in love with the scenery.

After a walk and poses for the camera, the actress was joined by Quirian and his own actor.

To play a romantic scene!

You cannot deny, it was so perfectly looking.

But... who is that wonderfull amazon women? Well it's Marie of Romania (1875-1938), also know as Regina Maria or Queen Marie.

And because we are talking of more modern time than usual, this time I've got photographs of her to compare!

Portrait of Queen Marie of Romania formerly known as Princess Marie of Edinburgh, She poses on horseback outdoors, 1910, Romania (Photo by George Eastman Museum)
And if that episode was sooo romantic, it was also romanced in regard of the horse. Because, I'm pretty sure that Queen Marie never ever got an appaloosa colored horse in her life. Also most of the pictures I've found of her on a ride, are military ones and not casual one.

The lack of spotted horse is somethin' easy to explain because, in Europe they weren't really a trends in victorian times and then declined to become very rare, or disapeared in most breed the century after... sad but as already said, that's how trends are, they came and goes and came back... to goes again...

But, let's be clear, I've got evidence of spotted horse, in between the 1800 and the 2000's even in Noble European family. So that's not somethin that couldn't have happened...

Valentin Serov (1865-1911): Peter II and Princess Elizabeth leading the dogs
Russian Painter

Julius von Blaas (1846 - 1922): Return of the Nobles
Italian Painter (can be refered as Austrian as well)
Otto Eerelman (1839-1926): Madame Carré with her Grey
Netherland Painter
Painting by Conrad Freyberg (1842-1915)
German Painter
Collier's, 1904

Jugend, 1908

Those last two horses have Excalibur's vibes, in my opinion.


But I want to speak a bit more about Marie of Romania (born Princess Marie Alexandra Victoria of Edinburgh). Because she's not as known as she could be today, but she was considered as "one of the most famous horsewomen in the world" in her time.
And that's somethin' right?

Horse-riding was a passion that captivated Marie since her childhood, she often rode for hours on end and was deeply admired by army officers for her ability to handle the most difficult horses...
Child herself was also depicted in the episode.
(this is a picture of her and hers sisters as kid, I don't know on wich pony she is)

With the various scene Excalibur had to play, he was in the trailer of the episode as well...

not one... but three time :')

That last scene was probably the horse's favorite :')

Then, to finish in beauty, I got my own romantic fake sidesaddle picture.
Thoses who know me, may know that's one of my equestrian dream to do it for real ;)

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