vendredi 31 mai 2019

Monthly Mare - April/May - Grounded

There's one thing I always wanted for my mare, it's a life in the fields.

And I'm seriously against any form of small boxes, a horse isn't meant to be kept in such tiny places.
Saddly for me, the mare hurted herself in april and I had to put her in a box for a month.

We both feeled like punished.

Even if I did my best, and that took me almost all of my time last month, it wasn't great to deal with. The mare was electric every time she goes out the box and was really difficult to handle.

I feeled overwhelmed.
Even if the boxes are large and with a view on the outside on my barn (it's a good place), she looked like a prisoner, all horses in boxes everywhere looks sad to me.

Now she's back to the grass, and way more happy with her horses pals. And I feel relieved.

A horse's life is outside.

Then sorry for the silence, I had plan to wrote about our ridden work after our foot work, but maybe I'll have more time next month.

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