lundi 10 avril 2017

Ugly Pony Pouches

All outdoor & shower breyer/AR collector, knows that pony pouches are the basis.
I'm often asked about how I did pack my horses, the answer is: a great bubble wrap pouch.

But, recently, I acquired the official Breyer pony pouches, and the first thing to say is:

How ugly they are. Yes, I do LOVE all kind of kitsh, but to be honest, this is going way to far my tastes.
But, past this first look, they are really usefull:
-soft inside
-easy to carry
-with ugly but strong fabric
-I'm only not convinced about how THIN they are.

That's why I decided to have some more, thicker ones, and asked my mom' about sewing some more ;). (Because you know, moms are always better than you about that)
First, we'd have to choose fabrics, and I decided to match them with awfull ones...

Do you feel as ashamed as I am?

My mom so did an awesome work... doing ugly homemade pony pouches...

And because she's perfect, she also made me different sizes, bigger than the breyer ones, to match my longer/heavier horses...

Do you know how much I LOVE my ugly pony pouches? As much as I've asked more to my mom, and bough another *awesome* fabric for them...

Don't you want to die for, right now?
My mother already promess me she will need sunglasses to work on these new ones, not kidding.
Then, I need so say a BIG BIG THANKS YOU to her for those.

Best mom ever, and you know why ;)

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