vendredi 31 mars 2017

"Pomponette" Challenge

Pomponette, from France, in a few words:

>I first heard about Breyer Horses in 2013 on the Internet. I was looking for horse pictures and stumbled upon a strange picture of a horse looking quite realistic yet its rider was giving away the trick (ha ! Breyer riders...). Amused, I searched for the source and found a blog. A few days later I had already forgotten about it but a year later it came back to my mind and I redid some searches about these figures. And bought my first TR model : Sapphire. I got him for my birthday. 

>Since I got my first model, I've always tried to craft some tack pieces and clothes and now I'd like to try customization. I'd also like to build a big 1/9 scale stable. 

>I'd like to create a fiction about a vaulting school, which I'd call "Domaine Equestre du Montcamp".


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