samedi 15 octobre 2016

The Last Word of the BJEPS

My friend Sabrina GOT the BJEPS.
That's why she decided two things: self employed herself and having a party.
And I was (of course) coming to the party... but instead of champagne I came with... horses.

Yes, with horses.
As my friends needed horses to start but cannot afford a whole cavalry, it was my duty to loan mine.

We do expected something from the first meet of our horses, but, instead they just acted like old friends.
We didn't know what to think of this... really...

So next step was to train my mare, I trust she has potential, and... sure she had. A lot. Don't you agree?

And a lot of  temper too...

Training horses was not the only activity, as there was a lot of other stuffs to do. But in the middle of all this work, we had a lot of fun.
Like, the first equestrian riding with our own horses... just as cool as a dream, you know...

We were waiting for this moment for SO long, and didn't even imagine this sould happend one day/this soon... (sorry photo spamming is happening)

Playing in water was one thing, but...
the WAVE was another! Lol, Quirian is such an hippo.

Return was wet for some people ;)
That was the dream. Really.
Then, back to work again.
We cleaned a saddlery, found material for every pony, listed all the horses, Quirian and Amira, of course. But also, Dallas, Tambourin, Ulysse and Nunu.

Also I did a flyer for the upcoming event "open doors"...

It costed me a lot, because I had to ride for the pictures, so I'm ok to...
gallop on Barbie's horse without stirrups
But I'm middle ok to...
do such things.
Must admit, in the end it was fun.

So that's where I was, and that's why I didn't post a lot about modelhorse lately. But (don't) worry, I'm back ;)
Sabrina's open door it's tommorow, WISH HER A LOT OF LUCK!

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