samedi 9 janvier 2016

Once Upon A Time...

Cold Ruru was, as usual, truly in the middle of important things like being a geek when, suddently -secret dream of all of us- an other world opened to her, like a brand new one in another magic dimension, it was the perfect world she only news virtually that became true! How exciting it was? Truly over imagination...

She already sees her commanding a galloping over an army of knights... but oh wait, it was another story!!
Soon, will arrive peoples saying to her "you're the new hope of this day, lead us to victory!"
And the fate, and the glory will be for her. But...


It wasn't. When this kind of things arrived in stories, heroes are great shapes, but it was not the case for Cold Ruru. Imagine, she was GEEKING. So she was in an old pajamas; holes in the back, large t-shirt, fat whool socks to hide the fact she wasn't epilated and an dirty pullover to complete the painting. So, of course, no one figured out who she was.

Between the reality and how whe picture it, there's always a bunch of difference. And it matters.
So she wanders, saying "I'm your new muse" but nobody belived her. So was forced to go back. And the magical world vanished.
Then, because, this whole story was haunting her, she decided to open this blog and let you know what she has to said about: ModelHorse, Equestrian Art & Lifestyle.

The difference between: picturing the figure horse...
and picturing the real one (we can't choose the background!)
Cold Ruru
Shame Humor
Comics Illustrator
Amator Photograph
Hobbyist in ModelHorse
Spotted Horses Fanatic
Self Proclamed "Historic Spotted Horse" Expert
Life with two Cats and one Mare (with spots)

So now take your distance so you won't be bitten, and I hope you will LOVE this blog ;)

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