jeudi 29 juin 2023

Real Appaloosa? Fake Appaloosa?

For the third year in a row, I got the horses at home!
This year, not with Excalibur, but with an appaloosa mare, her name is Ruby.

She's a true 100% purebred appaloosa. 

If you look at her quickly... she doesn't even sport any of the appaloosa characteristics.

But if you really search after, you'll see a tiny bit of mottling in her muzzle... she's also got a bit of the white sclera eyes.

Amira is not a purebred appaloosa, I'm not even sure she's from a real appaloosa mare or just a mare that sported the color.
But she's definely a nice varnish roan appy ;)

So who's the real appaloosa? who's the fake one? It's really a matters of point of view...

Fun fact, if Amira is the color of Jolly Jumper -Lucky Luke's horse- (wich is known to be an appaloosa), Ruby is the color of Flicka -My Friend Flicka- wich is probably out of an appaloosa mare if you stand on the book description.

Disclaimer: I wrote this article for fun, I'm aware that appaloosa color doesn't do a horse of the breed and the opposite, thank you ;)

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