lundi 11 juillet 2022

Horses at Home II

Last year and for nearly 6 months, I got my two horses at home.
I must admit that I was so tired after that I wasn't ready to have them that much this year, so I worked out a plan, starting with a first month (June) with them so they can eat our grass!

When they aren't at home, they aren't in the same pasture and even not in the same stable depending on the season, so first thing to do was to reunite them!

I had a few things planned for that month!
Starting to try to see if they can be friends in the same pasture again. But well, they didn't cared much of each other.

I tryied some "speed dating" but well, it was a fail.

I am not sure Amira found Excalibur to it's taste... (must admit I kinda understand her on this point)

They appear to interract better when... separated by a line. So I just came back to my old system: each in their paddock with a few under surveillance hours together in the evening. So no worry to have during the day (when I work).

Like last year, I also tryied again to introduce the horses to my cats, but again, only P'timi was cooperative enough...

Even if... the disgust is palpable...

My absolute dream, would be to have a beautiful picture with Team A

And one with Team B

But well I might just have to draw it because in photograph it's gonna be difficult. Cats are not ready to be friends with Horses...

Another thing I wanted to do was to start working on foot again with Amira (and try liberty with Excalibur as I have an enclosed "arena").
Amira have lost nothing, I asked her nothing difficult, just for a moment beeing connected together! She was just... stellar...

Such a joy to work with her intelligence and good willing...


And definely she's fine and enjoying her life! Look at her go...

I love her so muuuch!! <3

Excalibur on his side, knows the basics (I'll do a post about an update of my work with him later) so I just trained him a little more...

Then it was liberty time. We did a lot of walks like this the past month, so nothing new again.

I wanted him to move a bit, as he's always lazy and that time he just exploded, so I pushed him on the circle to lunge him without a lead (first time so)...

He just litteraly galloped with full fire and bumps before setting in, I quite never saw him like that before in a work environnement! Excalibur who's always so difficult to move and didn't even wanted to canter on lunge this winter...

When he was finally calmed, I letted him goes back to me and we worked a tiny bit more.

Then I wanted to work both horse to coordinate, so maybe one day we'll be able to walk together without me beeing splint between the two...

Tryied it in liberty it worked untill Excalibur discovered he was free to eat the grass instead.

At least, Amira stayed with me. Clearly we are not ready to have this level of trust and attention with Excalibur yet.

Last thing I wanted really bad was to have beautiful pictures of them two running freely in the fields, it happened while I was stalking them discovering my lasts parcels of grass...

Must admit that stalking the horses is always a great way to spent your day, I like to spot them in various ways.

It also leads you to discover the fact that your neighbor still haven't learn how to keep his own animals on his own pasture... again... (and again, and again... until I call the cops... or to be right until thoses sheeps finally ended to eat the neighbor's backyeard flowers)

We also had some great times at the river, it was a good month!

Long and exhausting but... a good month!

We also had a few rides with Excalibur, but I'll talk about our rides improvement later!
Thank for reading me on my experience of having horses at home, if you like it please let me know!!

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