lundi 26 octobre 2020

Love Me Right

Love Me Right
Artist Resin Custom (paintjob by Clémence de Casanove) on "Bonita". Painted in 2020 and sculpted by Sheila Bishop.
Breed: Crossbred (Mangalarga MarchadorxAppaloosa)

dimanche 25 octobre 2020

Going Under

Breyer Premiere OF (designed by Stephanie Baylock) on "Vermeer" mold. Released in 2020 and sculpted by Lynn A. Fraley.
Breed: Baroque Crossbred (KnabstrupperXFriesian)

lundi 31 août 2020

Pandemic Performance Panorama

Always late but... I finished my entries today!
I'm so glad to have a chance to try Pandemic Performance Panorama...

Bad Performance
Jumping fences is a dream, but you may need to be ready to jump them alone...

Teeny Tiny Performance
I herited from my father some of his dinky toys, this circus is part of it and I wanted to use it for a while... now it's done!

Vintage Performance
I also herited from my father this 1:9 scale DS19 (wich was his favorite car), very helpfull to says to you to go vintage and only trust real horsepower!
As a side note, their was real ads like this when the cars started to replace real horses back in the days.

Outdoor Performance
Outside the castle, out in the wild!

Stable Performance
I do not have a 1:9 scale stable, so here's a real one :)

Naked Performance
I've heard that some there are promoting our new "Shirtless Torso Calendar" - well the boys surpassed themselves for the cover. Also, I wouldn't love to be naked behind bars myself.

Sparkly Performance
For this one I choose to use some of the infamous Fashion Star Fillies...
Their coats shines, their presence sparkle and you may have some eye bleeding seeing this.

Mixed Scale Performance
The ponies finish their meal while waiting for their ridders. That's a classic subject in historic painting.

Other Animals Performance
I really hates animal cruelty so I hope this gladiator will be the dish for thoses felines. GO TEAM FELINES!!

Altered Reality Performance
Actually this isn't that much photoshoped, it's a real night shot - I just worked it a bit.
The Apothicarian is a manga character who will be known as a ghost hunter and exorcist, so he spokes to ghostly figures in the night (kind of).

2020 Performance
During confinement, I did a lot of "indoor performance" with what I had in the house - it was like a game to kill the time. This is one of thoses picture.

dimanche 16 août 2020

American Girls

 It all started when I added an american girl to my facebook friends because her appy mare looked so much like my appy mare... and it became a virtual friendship with the same crazyness about all appaloosa things in our chats!
Then she helped me to get thoses American Girl Doll horses.

So thanks you my friend, they are very much loved overseas!


dimanche 21 juin 2020


Toxical Success
Breyer Custom (etching by Mélanie Touchard & rework on the OF coat by Cold Ruru) on the mold "Paint me a Pepto". Etched in 2019 and sculpted by Morgen Kilbourn.
Breed: Crossbred (PaintXAppaloosa)