mercredi 5 juillet 2023

Personnal Taste Quizz

Second part of my instagram Quizz!

What's your guess?
Wich breed is my favorite?
-Spanish Spotted
Side question: Wich type or horse do you think I love most? Baroque & good boned sport horse / or / Sporty type horse & light saddle horses?

A large amonth of people have voted for appaloosa as my favorite breed... I'm a bit surprised, but well... no.
My favorite breed always have been Knabstrupper, since I am little.
When I was a child we got our summer holidays in Denmark once, and I felt in love with Knabstrupper, first in my horse book (I always checked the breeds that came from the countries I was going) and then during thoses weeks.
And now, What's your guess?
I've got a soft spot for...
Side question: Can you recall how you discovered your favorite breed?

Seems like it was a close match against team mares & team gelding to define my preferences. I love mares best.
Mares are just so much more full of character & temper than gelding, I love them.
Team mare forever!
And now, What's your guess?
The breeds that doesn't sport the leopard complex (unless crossed) that I like most?
-Jutland, Pinto, French Trotter.
-Lipizzaner, Frederiskborg, Rocky Mountain Horse.
-Fjord, Mulassier Poitevin, Orlov Trotter.
Side question: On all thoses theses horses type... Hunter, Hack, Cob, Polo pony, Riding pony - wich ones do you think I love most?

This was a difficult question, but the answer is...
Fjord, Mulassier Poitevin & Orlov Trotter.
-I just love fjords from the same trip in Denmark that got me into Knabstrup. Even if the breed is Norvegian, you see a lot of thoses in Denmark too.
-Mulassier Poitevin is my favorite french breed of draft horses. I loves drafters in general, but really thoses are specials.
-Orlov Trotter are beautifuls, with their andalusian vibe and frequent dapple grey coats.
Thank everyone for playing the game with my quizz, it was fun for sure!
I'll answer the side questions... later ;)

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