mercredi 28 juin 2023

Color Quizz

 I've started a Quizz on instagram, to talk about my color preferences...

What's your guess?
-Do I love most appaloosa as a breed or appaloosa as a color?
Side question: wich type do I love best? appaloosa modern type or appaloosa foundation?

Most of you guessed it right.
I love the appaloosa color more than just the breed. That's the spotted patterns I like... and I love every horse (or horse breed) that sports them!
I love the spotted ones so much that a lot of persons thinks I don't like solid colored horses, so...

-Wich 3 solids colors are my favorites (as solid colors)?
-Dapple Grey-Silver Bay-Liver Chestnut
-Chestnut- Red Roan-Cream
-Dapple Grey-Black-Blue Roan
Side question: wich colors are my favorite for appaloosa pattern on it:
-Light colors (chestnut, palomino & creams)
-Dark colors (bay, black & buckskin)
Most of you guessed it wrong.
No my favorite solid color aren't Chestnut, Red Roan & Cream.
The right answer is... Dapple Grey, Silver Bay & Liver Chestnut. I do love high contrast and I tend to prefer darker base and lighter mane for solid horses. Dapples Grey are my absolute second favorite color after the spotted pattern.
Speaking of spotted horses...
-Wich appaloosa patterns are my favorites?
-Blanket & Snowcap & Snowflake
-Few Spot & Leopard & Near-Leopard
-Leopard & Varnish & Few Spot
-Varnish & Pintaloosa & Blanket
Despite the fact that I love all appaloosa patterns...
My preference goes to leopards! Leopard color always have been my ideal.
I've got a soft spot for varnish, because of my mare, it's a pattern that have grown on me all thoses years.
And also, even if most of the time I prefer a good dotted horse, I also really appreciate the Few Spot color, wich is unique and full of surprises in it's expression. Few Spot foals are really cool.
Following Quizz will be about breeds and horses in general, I'll post it there too.
You can still reply to the side questions on the comments, I'll wrote a post to answer them later ;)

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