mardi 24 janvier 2017

Review : Welcome Aisling!

Today, after 2 days of dolls pictures, I am still gonna speak of dolls :)
So, I explained it a lot of times, but, as much as I do LOVE my anime figure, they can't ride and as much I do NOT LOVE breyer rider, they could... so a choice has to be made.
Or not.
After I lended some breyer dolls to my friend, I did bought an Yvonne. And yes, you all know that Yvonne as all: she's much realist and she better rode, a real must have to any hobbyist... but... because they're a "but" to me... she's still ugly, not as unrealisticly ugly than breyer doll, but still! Definitely.

That's why, I started to search for the perfect BJD. And so here's what I found...
That was exactly what I was looking for, except one thing: the possible size. She was announced as a 1:12 doll, so a classic one... BUT I remembered that I found the breyer dolls too tall, Yvonne a bit better (she's taller) and finally a classic rider would have been perfect to my standard IF they actually do have a real body. You know what I mean.

So, I did cross the step to order one.
That's why we are on a review!

1. Service
After I bough the doll, I did ask for my custom choice: I wanted a redhair (I'm obsessed with redhairs) with blue eyes and freckles. I decided on blue for the eyes so they got a chance to be lighter enough on the pictures.
The seller was really kind, asked for ref pictures, let me choose two shade of redhairs (red or orange, I pick orange), the hair cut and then asked me if I was happy with the doll...

I was and said I validate. It's really a top seller, you cannot be wrong with her! And she really do the doll AS YOU LIKE. Perfect.

2. Product
The doll itself came into a lovely wooden box, wrapped in a fabric cover, with replacing sets of hands&feets, a t-shirt and a certificate of authenticity. Really clean and cute!

Welcome Aisling!
At this time, I was over the moon. The doll is really what I would call a quality product, she's really natural, beautiful & easy to pose. Plus, I admire the painter's talent of the seller, such detail on a tiny face!

3. the Scale
Here's come the greatest fear I got: does she's gonna be too small?
The answer... a little bit...

I try not to laugh to the uglyness of the classic breyer doll, really.
BUT. You know, in life they are really TALL horses and really TINY people, so to me, it's ok.

This doesn't chock me, and more personnal, I'm tall and didn't like this. A lot of my friends are smaller than me, really really smaller for some like my friend Sabrina and Jaf. So in regard of all these pictures:

Size is ok to me.
Even, if of course she fits better small traditional or classics.

Forgive me for the crazy poses, I love her so much, she's really natural and poseable, a delight.

4. Does she rides?
Yes, yes she rides really well.
And it's perfect to me... so let me remind, small people... on middle sized horse...

Small people on really tall horses...

I knew this shot would be usefull one day or one other!

Of course, I'm gonna need to custom the whole things a bit to be better, but it's gonna be exactly what I want: an awesome rider for my spotted horses!

Next steps: found her clothes.
And if you're as convinced as I am, here's the link to bought your own personnal new rider!
THANKS A LOT Zjakazumi Dolls FOR YOUR AWESOME WORK! One of my hobby dream is coming true!

3 commentaires:

  1. Elle est vraiment splendide! Finalement, sa taille ne choque pas, elle va très bien avec les modèles de plus en plus petits que Breyer sort en ce moment

    1. Je trouve aussi que la taille passe vraiment bien en photo, au final je suis vraiment rassurée et ravie de mon achat... puis il est sûr que vu l'écart de taille entre les chevaux, les cavaliers c'est bien pareil (comme dans la vraie vie).

  2. C'est sur que c'est grand un cheval !
    Meme moi avec mes petites jambes et mes 1m51, j'ai les pieds qui arrivent au milieu du ventre de mes chevaux qui ne toisent pas plus d'1M50 au garrot... alors ça colle ! XD