vendredi 7 octobre 2022

Friends at home, the final recap.

So this summer, three of my hobby friends came at home!
I've spoken about the Live Show we did before, I posted some of the shootings we did together and I started to talk about our pony rides with my latest post about Excalibur...

So what else didn't I have mentionned? the fact they have met Amira, because she's the real star!

Amira who was perfectly fine, as always. She shared a field with an old retired lipizzaner mare (as my actual stable is one that breed lipizzans) this summer.

The fact that we took a galop in the fields with Excalibur, even if I wasn't comfortable with that idea because the pony buck a lot. But he was kinda stellar, despite a few tentatives.

Maybe I am a bit too worryied but my friends were happy...

Should I even say appy?

That morning ride was followed by a trail together in the afternoon, wich was also an exercice for me as Excalibur is difficult to handle with other horses. He feel like he's competing against them and try to take the lead on me... wich is really not somethin' I appreciate and need to be worked.
Most of the trails I've done with other horses have been a nightmare.

He surprisingly behaved well, I felt he was electrised but he was listenning to me. I was a bit relieved to be honest. Maybe our gallops in the field on the morning helped.

With other horses around, cows were more easy to handle. Good point on the group therapy :')

Because there's a lot of cows everywhere in the mountains...

After a long ride, we started the return. A water spot is always welcome, Excalibur loves it and always splashe and splashe and... he never stop, I had to get him out of it.

When we started to gallop, he immediatly started by a jump and a buck and I had to stop him. It's really difficult to gallop him with other horses, he instaneously take the bit to the theeths and jump in the air/bucks. That attitude cracks my nerves to be honest.
I had to get first to properly gallop him, and let the others enjoy a soft ride.

You can enjoy the smooth gallop too...

Once back, we asked for extra pictures as that's not everyday that you can do this with your hobby friends ;) - Great memories!

In the end I'm very glad about this week, a great way to motivate both in the hobby and in my riding!
Thank you girls!

Pony vs Mare

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