lundi 10 janvier 2022

Horses at Home

There was a time I could just hop off my bed and take modelhorse pictures in the garden field.
I HAVE to be honest, I did it multiple time, it was easy.

Then things changed. Amira got hurt and I had to actually FENCE that field, wich was not, to be honest, in my plan ever.

I bought some fencing material, mostly with your help, and I'm thankfull a lot for that.

I started working...

A LOT of working...

But it was kind of NOTHING compared to how much work 2 horses at home would be.

In the end, I'm just glad to have got Amira back. She's the best mare ever and if I can offer her the end of life she deserve, it's exactly what I will do.

She met Excalibur (that I bough for keeping her company and having a "rideable" horse again) and it seemed to be fine, both were not hostile to each other so it was kind of a relief. Saddly I had to kept them most of the time separated by a fence, mostly for avoiding food fighting and because Excalibur kind of thinks he is a stallion in his mind... that point is really annoying to be honest.

But I allowed them 1 hour up to a few more together under my watch per day. Wasn't an easy choice and really time wasting for me... it hopefully gets well for most of the time. Amira definely was in great shape, and never ever seemed to be bothered by her injured foot. She CAN have a field life, that's somethin' I'm sure now.

But the most difficult is not watching after the horses, but daily maintenance.
Having is own field is probably awesome, but mine is clearly too small to fully feed 2 horses. I knew it from the start and planned on rotating parcels and feeding hay. 

Sorting them in small <<grass for the day>> parcels was my morning routine, it included: planning thoses parcels with temporary fence, refill the water for the day, prepare the horses for the day (horseflies repellent & masks) then move them in. Watch from time to time during day that everything is alright, wich is not really always the case.

I let you with this rare picture of the horseflies mask, wich I cannot stand so in fact, I never take pictures if the horses are wearing them.

Feeding the horses hay was taking me a good part of the evening, as well as cleaning their paddocks and checking water. It may sounds not that much, but it is really a lot.
I also had to wather the field, check regularly the fencing, well take care of everything. Never a day of rest, never ever.

I kind of managed all that pretty well, but I really must admit it was EXHAUSTING. It was a real relief to sent the horses to winter barns in autumn.

But despite all that,  we created good memories, as my daily routine inclued bonding with the horses and grooming them...

After a few week, I was able to lead them together and gain time. It may sounds easy but it's not because Amira is walking way quicker than Excalibur.

Also we are lucky enough to have a river flowing right on the end of the field, so I was able to bathe the horses when it was too warm. A great fresh reward that Excalibur loved. Amira is more like me, she's not a big fan of heaving the feets wet.

Also, I introduced the horses to cats... because I love and own cats...

But I'm not sure cats loved the horses back :')

And I introduced horses to a big playing ball, I was hoping Excalibur would play with it instead of his food bucket...


I'm not sure horses loved the ball...

So my cats doesn't like horses and my horses doesn't like giant playing ball. Food buckets are more fun, let's break them! Excalibur, I'm staring at you.

I also, of course, worked Excalibur on saddle, but well that's really not the best part. It seems like the pony didn't had proper care before I bough him so he needed a lot of help to be good in his hoofs again. In the end it wasn't the big deal, I really started to ride him again seriously once he moved, so it may be for another blog post.


Did I enjoyed having the horses at home? Yes I did.
But did I LOVED it? Honestly no... too much work, too exhausting on a daily basis, knowing that I already have a difficult, time consuming and challenging work to earn my life. Having a horse is a labor of love, caring for horses is even more.

I enjoyed beeing connected to my horses everyday...

I enjoyed watching them in the fields...

I enjoyed playing with pictures opportunies...

I didn't enjoyed having my neighbour's animals breaking into MY fences all summer long.

I am not sure on what to do next summer, but for sure, I'm relieved it all globably went well and that Amira seems to live a good life now.
I love her and I will always do.

As for Excalibur, only future will tell us if he is a horse for me.

And you, you choose team zebra or team leopard? - that was the summer game ;)

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