vendredi 28 décembre 2018

Craftings Skills (kind of)

Here's what I did got for Christmas.
No, not the horse. The fence.

It all started with a tree that felt into the pond. We got it out and it gave me the idea of crafting somethin' with wood.

Fortunately, I got help. So here it goes...
A fence was started. The branchs were carved to fit each other, then nailed. At the end we added a bit of glue, just in case.

I covered the base with moss so it will fade better in real ground.
It got a very natural and realistic looks! Here's a rustic fence in a field:

So what can be missing? Oh yes, a horse jumping over it!
Muuuch better! I take great care to have the perfect fit for traditional size.

But well, just doing a simpe fence wouldn't have been enough, so we did somethin' else I wanted for a while...
It took a long time looking for rocks and to glue them into a wall... we cemented with ashes from the mass stove. Yes, it's pure improvised crafting.

Saddly it's really small, because of the weight. But it will be enough to play with.
As an abandonned wall portion somewhere in ireland or as a jump... the whole thing is to make it looks natural.
So, some moss later,..

And with a pony, 'cuz it's always better...

I feel like I'm not done playing with these.
So sad it's not easy to move and carry everywhere! But having great props will be always a plus.

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