jeudi 3 août 2017

FAQ : How to do Splashes?

The question n°1 I got was : How did you do splashes on your pictures?
Well, I already answered to that, but people still wants to know, so here's a reminder:

Splashes needs time & effort, they won't come easy and you're gonna need to be patient.

-If you don't go on shooting alone, so you're at least 2, just ask your friend/parent to throw littles rocks in the waters for you. And you just had to focus on taking pictures. That simple.

-If you're alone, well...
1. Don't be affraid of wet foot (really).

Or came on purpose with boots.
2. Place your figure in the water.
3. Be sure the figure is NOT gonna be taken by the water current.
4. Choose your framing, take a first picture without splash of what you want. (it would help you focus)

5. Be creative to make a stand for your camera, exemple, take some rocks. (Option: you have a real stand foot like a boss, I didn't).

Be attentive to your environment, to found what you need to make a stand & little rocks.
6. With your main hand you gonna take little rocks to throw, with the other your gonna pull the trigger,

7. Be calm and patient, throwing with your main head is better for precision, the stand for the camera gonna help your other hand to keep the camera focus. YOUR ANGLE MAY CHANGE A BIT during process.
8. Repeat, as long as needed. It may need several shots.

It can be long, it can be difficult, the result is the reward. Really. The following pictures were taken by me alone using the technique below, promess.

As you can see, the good picture can be really different than what you wanted first.

So now, you're ready to do all the splashes you want.

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