mercredi 7 décembre 2016

My Indoor Photographer Tips to Improve yours Skills

My latest blog post speaked about Outdoor Photography, today I will make a short about how to Indoor.
Indoor photography ask to make choices.

-You can decide to do your pictures on a blank or studio background, so you only needs a good lightning. It can be provided by a studio box, but also by a good windows.
You can be creative, using a mirror or patterned fabrics.

Ex. with a white inside of a portfolio (always a win, better when you've got good materials lol):

Ex. with an unicolor fabric (problem can be: the color of the fabric can influes on the figurines):

Ex. with a patterned fabric (problem can be: it can be very fussy):

Ex. with a mirror (problem can be: your natural decor lol)

-Or you can decide to set up a scene.
For that you're gonna need min. a background (it can be a poster, or a personnal picture of yours) and an artificial floor.

For setting up my decor, I use a portfolio (cardboard drawing case) to get my background straight and in the angle I want. 

What's important for the lightning is to have it from one of the side of you settup, and not from back or from front. You can help it with artificial light, but beware of the shadows then.

Shadows and reflections will be your ennemies, they can be avoid by the angle you choose when you take your pictures. The most important remains: no shadows projected by your subject on the background!!

Also, be picky on your background/floor join. If you've got nothing coherent, use a barrier or moss or be creative.

When you set up your scene, not every of the elements necessarily needs to be front of the backrgound, they also can overflow, it depends on the composition you want. So open your possibilities!

In any case, the more you will be far from your set up, the more you are gonna saw front of the backgound, so two things: take space and don't forget the low point of view rule.

But the most important tips I would have is: don't have a cat!

Or I must say: don't have this cat :)       
(the other one is not such a problem lol)

So now, you're ready to do pictures on your living room or even in your bed (like me)  with cats!

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